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TheLaw117 14th April 2011 01:28 AM

Mods for cheap PC microphone?
Hi everyone,

So I have a super cheap Audio-Technica ATR4700 which is $15 condenser mic for PC use. Audio-Technica is a good brand for mics, but this one is on their lower tier...I'd like to do a little bit of recording. I have an electric dumset and keyboard so I do most of my stuff on MIDI, but I play the trombone as well...and I'd like to record.

Has anyone ever modded a PC based mic for better sound quality? Any quick and dirty mods are welcome, as well as more complex ones like changing around the internals and such.

I don't have my camera right now, but I'll have by Friday. Should I crack it open to see if there's anything in side? Do PC mics actually have circuit boards inside?


nigelwright7557 14th April 2011 01:39 AM

Best option is to bin it and buy a quality mic with a 3.5mm adaptor.

TheLaw117 14th April 2011 01:52 AM

Haha...Well I'm just saying, theoretically...

purplepeople 14th April 2011 02:07 AM

The first response is on the money. For example, I think you would do well to get a good used SM57 and build a preamp for it.


TheLaw117 14th April 2011 12:55 PM mods I mean, stuff like putting a t-shirt over it or making a windscreen or something. I'm no audiophile. I'm just looking for improvements. ;)

jackinnj 14th April 2011 01:05 PM

Might want to read Scott Wurcer's article in Linear Audio Vol. 1. (This article alone made the subscription worthwhile.)

JZatopa 24th April 2011 08:33 PM

There are no mods that will bring this up to a useable level. Spend $60-$100 on something like a blue usb snowball and you will be a lot happier. If you want an even better option, Build a decent mic pre and use it with your mic. Then when you have the money go buy a decent mic. There are some instances where you can mod mics or preamps but this is one of those instances where it really isn't worthwhile.

BTW you could always build your own mic, there are plans + kits out there.

Cirric 2nd May 2011 04:52 PM

I used a parabolic metal lampshade and mounted the mike to it, sort of like what you see on the sidelines of an NFL game. If the mike is noise cancelling (most use two elements out of phase to achieve this) you may need to experiment to find the sweet spot. Eventually used the same lampshade as a booster for my home XM radio for a while. Otherwise your first answers are your best bet. Of course you could carry the lampshade on your head for convenience.

ITPhoenix 12th October 2012 07:31 PM

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Originally Posted by TheLaw117 (
Haha...Well I'm just saying, theoretically...

In reality you could do a Linkwitz modification, which results in lower distortion at higher SPL levels like drum and amp miking. There is also a claimed sensitivity increase.

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Too much heat in soldering will destroy the capsule. Also, you will have to make a conductive strap or socket to connect the can to a wire, since that cannot be heated at all.

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