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dgtn2010 17th October 2010 06:21 PM

NAS - SqueezeBox Duet OR PC
Hello Everyone.

Found this form today and have found it to be really helpful and informative.

Have recently embarked on a mammoth CD ripping adventure using EAC. I don't have the biggest collection of CD's by any means but I have a fair few and thought it was about time I made them a bit more accessible.

Not sure about other people on here, but I have found it really fun going through CD after CD with EAC. Irrespective of how many CD's I have, I can get overly selective over time meaning I don't really listen to the full collection enough. Ripping them one by one has made me appreciate the ones I haven't heard for a long time and of course having them instantly selectable without sitting amongst a pile of CD cases is a huge benefit.

But anyway....

My plan beyond ripping them was to store them on a 2TB Netgear ReadyNas box and then get a Squeezebox Duet to select and send the music to my amp. Was going to get that this week but have other ideas now.

An alternative is to build a PC that can store and output the music to my amp whilst providing a screen for selection. I guess if I go down this route I can look at all kinds of input/selection devices and can use a spare monitor that I don't mind leaving on. I would also be able to choose the best soundcard.

So my thinking at present is
  1. NAS Box SqueezeBox Duet
  2. PC Unconfirmed Input Device Monitor Soundcard
I think the PC idea is appealing in part because I don't really want to chuck the music around the house. I listen in one room and don't need to be sending the music to the kitchen etc.

Any suggestions as to the best way to proceed are welcome :)

piero7 17th October 2010 07:33 PM

PC+hiface is much better

grubyhalo 23rd October 2010 11:15 AM

I have a very similar requirement as yours and was thinking of a ZOTAC MAG MAGHD-ND01-U Dual-Core All-in-One PC + Dell SX2210 Full HD 21.5 inch Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor Details + Ubuntu homepage | Ubuntu + About | XBMC. I'd be interested in hearing other options...

riotubes 30th October 2010 02:38 AM

For those considering SB plus NAS...also look at vortexbox

here's a post with more details...

Pano 30th October 2010 04:29 AM

I use a PC because I find it cheaper and more flexible. Not hard to do. JRiver is my player of choice.

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