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nigelwright7557 11th August 2010 12:52 AM

My first PC.
256K memory.
Two floppy drives.
No hard disk.
Amber monitor.

stratus46 11th August 2010 05:06 AM


Originally Posted by nigelwright7557 (
256K memory.
Two floppy drives.
No hard disk.
Amber monitor.

If it's from 1986 it's cool. Mine was 1 MEG of memory but only one 1.2 meg floppy. If you're still using it, I'm SO sorry.


Vix 11th August 2010 06:31 AM

Commodore 64. :)

p.s. No, I am not using it anymore. Though I regret I sold it...

steve1987 11th August 2010 07:41 AM

that rember me my fist PC,about ten years ago

Tualatin Celeron 1.1+intel 815+256M SDRAM

the core speed can be Stabilized at 1.43 just with heatsink

davidsrsb 13th August 2010 09:31 PM

Back in 1985 we had an IBM XT file server with a 5MB hd. Desktops were Compaq Portable 1s 4.77MHz, 512KB with 2x360K floppies and green screen. These were like a sewing machine case.

Caminokid 19th August 2010 02:09 PM

Commodore 64 with everything that was out for it at the time. Yeah I still have it. I use it from time to time.

Pano 19th August 2010 03:05 PM

You guys are young. ;)

My first PC was the Commodore "PET". The daddy of the 64. Only cassette drive, no floppy or HDD. 14K ROM, 1Mhz speed. Circa 1979. Others in the computer club at the time had the Apple-II or the "Trash-80".
Mine did not have the built in cassette.

dewets 19th August 2010 06:47 PM

Sperry PC:
2 x 360Kb floppies, 5 MB harddrive, green screen, Epson FX 80 printer 640K memory running at 8 Mhz...

Man, they were flying compared to those old IBM's...

Assembled the whole consignment for our IT division (10 of them) with a Philips screwdriver and the open manual... (on the memory boards I had to install all those memory chips by hand!!! )

nigelwright7557 19th August 2010 06:50 PM

I used to have to write programs for the early IBM PC's
I wrote a PCBCAD package for one and you had to be really smart with memory usage.
Often using the same segment multiple times.

Dont even think of memory now when I have gigabytes to play with.
When I were a lad lol

fandersen 20th August 2010 12:22 AM

Ibm 360
3 Attachment(s)
My first computer, though not my "personal" computer except when I had to toggle in a patch :p
When a program was running the lights on the front panel would flash for each instruction processed, so it's quite funny to see an old movie where everybody is hovering around the computer and not a single light is on :)
The red button on the top right of the panel was an emergency stop. At one place I worked, one of the operators thought it was a fake switch and pulled it. Everything shut down and IBM had to come in and reset the whole computer. Needless to say, the operator's experiment cost him his job...

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