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mert 16th December 2006 10:42 PM

pass 250.5
Dear Mr.Pass,

Recently, I bought one of your amplifiers, particularly, serial number S/N 17160, from Extreme Audio( Orhan Aydogan) İstanbul Turkey.

I listened it in the dealers showroom about 7 minutes, and I liked the sound despite the rest of the equipment: pathos endorphin cd player, Sonus faber amati aniver., boulder 1000 series pre: I wouldn't choose sonus faber and pathos gear unless they are gifted to me. However, boulder pre (800) was a nice pre amp.

In the end, I bought it and traded some of my unnecessary inventory for it. I never heard your designs before, even ,since 1994, I buy equipment regularly. But I was told by a few commendable industry insider about your reputation. I was told again that you are one of the best s.state designers.

Dear Mr. Pass, I can't make full comment on your amplifier simply because I could only listen very quite because of my 16 months old son sleeps at 9.00 pm and I don't have a dedicated listening room: I have to have share the livingroom where my gear stationed, with my wife and son.

Anyway, I have to report a few things if you can let me:
1) I have a focal electra 1027 be and it seems works fine with your amp.(forget ugly american designs except Avalon)
2) I use always vandenhul cables no matter equipments different. In my opinion, old Dutch man, A.J. Vandenhul doesn't know how to produce snake oil lubricated cables as many others do. If you have a chance to hear , then try vandenhul reveleation hybrid and Mc Gold.
3) your amp. didn't generate any hum: altough, I have experienced in the past with Mark Levinsons, krells.
4) despite quite low volume levels that I apply, your amp sounds more powerfull than Musical Fidelity kw 500 integrated which is almost 500 watt in 8 ohms? interesting, isn' t it? maybe your amp works pure class a for first 35 watts or more?
5) Do you like music as well designing amplifiers?
6) How do you comment on Musical Fidelity amplifiers?(Kw series) Mr. Michaelson of Musical Fidelity is not an engineer . However, he started to this business by making preamplifiers.(in kitchen)(you also use kitchen)(my setup is just next to kitchen because it is located in the my livingroom)

Lastly, I am planning to purchase a preamplifier. I use my integrated as a preamp.(kw500 is in reality, a preamplifier with a separated power supply unit) Pass labs x 2.5 looks fine but in market since 2003. Do you plan any upgrade in short or midterm basis?


Mert Tetik


Nelson Pass 17th December 2006 12:31 AM

4) It might be that the amplifier simply has more gain, and so
gives the impression of being more powerful. Yes, the amplifier
leaves Class A at around 25 watts peak or so.

5) I have no experience with Musical Fidelity, and I don't really
build amplifiers in my kitchen - I have a nice shop next to my
house for personal projects.

(Last) We will soon start working on our next generation of
preamps, and I don't expect any results until 2008.


Zen Mod 17th December 2006 12:50 AM


Originally posted by Nelson Pass
(Last) We will soon start working on our next generation of
preamps, and I don't expect any results until 2008.


sounds like reasonable time ramp for another Steen's "Papa's preamp" recreation...........under condition that then actual preamps will be unveiled..........

repetitio est mater studiorum

our steen is Master of repetitio ........:devilr:

mert 17th December 2006 09:25 AM

thanks mr pass, I will go for pass x 2.5 pre. Musical fidelity kw500 will remain as a secondary amplifier but Kwdm25 will feed both kw500 and x 2.5 pre. I am quite satisfied with x 250.5.


dejanm 17th December 2006 10:12 AM

Hi Mert,

Nice to hear something from you after a while (not on this forum though). It is interesting that we came to the same idea: Pass X250.5 as a driver for our Focals ...

Pass X2.5 is a very fine pre-amp. I went though already for something else: Bent Audio Passive TVC. I am not sure though whether my decision was the right one.

mert 17th December 2006 08:35 PM

In summer I was dealing with my reef aquariums (salt water) As season finished , I stoped buying new corals, polips, fishes, anemons......creatures even I don't their names. Now it is winter and winter means hi-end . That's why I was not around. But it is good to see you here:smash:

macka 18th December 2006 12:05 PM

Hi Mert,

Yes it is a nice amp. Nice to here from another X250.5 fan.

dejanm 18th December 2006 12:45 PM

did anybody compare it with 150.5 ? Is the 250.5 worth the price difference ?

mert 18th December 2006 02:51 PM

Hi macka,

Is is nice to see other people who actually own. But I am very new to Pass society. Maybe Mr.pass should arrange another forum for final users. Because I didn't find much information about x 250.5.


macka 18th December 2006 07:50 PM

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Try Audiogon. Or just email the One and Only

They are all happy campers.

It goes like this.

They start out with something else, a Krell, an ML or a Conrad Johnson then they buy a Passlabs X Series then upgrade to the current X.5. range. Mostly they talk about why their model is their favourite.

No turning back.

The X250.5 is essentally more power from what I can tell..

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