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fezz 22nd December 2002 06:19 PM

zen question
sorry about this, is has to be done.

i am currently building a zen and bride of zen. but although i know about most of the reasoing behind the zne, i still dont know why there are two 2200uf 35v capacitors on the output instead of a single 4700uf capacitor

would a good 4700uf capacitor do better then the two 2200uf capacitors, i am also bypassing them/it (depending on how this question is answered) with a 10uf polyproplyne capacitor which should impove stuff even more

stadams 22nd December 2002 06:35 PM

Check out ZV4.

Take a look at the output of Zen V4. Increasing the coupling capacitance here will provide a lower f1 (lower cut-off frequency.) The parallel 2200uF capacitors provide near the same f1 as the 4700uF that you wish to replace them with however, the 10000uF capacitor used in the ZV4 will provide a slightly more extended lowend. I would also select all electrolytics with a voltage rating of 50V. This would allow you to progress to later Zen versions without fear of a higher voltage rail.

Bypassing as you have mentioned is a good idea. I have used a Panasonic TS series power supply cap for coupling that was bypassed with a Panasonic polyester metal film cap. It sounded pretty good. I suspect that a high quality film and foil bypass would provide even better results.


fezz 22nd December 2002 07:14 PM

thankyou very much for the help, as i plan on using the original zen pcb (with a little modification for the 10uf polyproperlyne) i doubt i will get a change to upgrade to newer versions of the zen - but as i can easilly make new pcbs it doesn't really matter as i will just make a new amplifier

i will get two 4700uf capacitors instead of the two 2200uf - this is because as said before i am using the original pcb and i have taken into account the lower frequnce extension you mentioned (i belive the original zen has a weak bass perfomance so this should help)

also, how much do you think i should pay for the capacitors? this is a low buget amplifier but i am willing to spend money where it counts, are there any good capacitors to look out for (apprt from the obvious and very expenside elna and black gate)

stadams 23rd December 2002 12:48 AM

Touchy subject around here.

If you have been around here for some time, you know that capacitor brand and type are almost a religious conviction for some people. I have not yet been able to hear a side-by-side comparison of identical amplifiers using different coupling capacitors. And this is the only way that I would make a specific brand suggestion over another (and then it is personal taste.) I believe that a good starting point is to use capacitors from a reputable industrial manufacturer, such as Panasonic, which I previously mentioned, to start a good base line for comparison listening. If you have ever seen the physical circuits that Pass Labs produces, you will recognize many of the components as commonly available parts from companies like Digikey, Mouser, and Newark, which demonstrates that good sound is initially good design followed by good components.

I am not familiar with the exact layout of the Zen amplifier PCB however, the FC or the TS series should probably work without to much modification. I imagine that these capacitors are ~ $4.00 to $5.00 US each. If you have not read it already take a look at Picking Capacitors. This should clue you in to what attributes describe a good capacitor for a particular application.

Happy reading.


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