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Alves 8th September 2006 09:38 AM

Pushing Aleph P to limits - Passive Tri-amp

I am currently using a passive bi-amplification setup made of an Aleph P connected to two power amplifiers: Aleph 3 (tweeters/mid), Aleph 0s (woofers).
Works well but I intend to add more drivers, therefore I need to add another power amp to feed the hard load. I was considerind the Aleph 1.2.

My question is: can the Aleph P handle the 3 amps simultaneously? (I don't expect it to go down, my concern is on sonic perormance)

Obs: Nominal input impedances are 10, 10, 23 Kohm (0s, 1.2, 3, unbalanced connections), thus the final nominal impedance seen by the preamplifier will be aprox. 4.2Kohm. This is about 10 times less than many power amps out threre.

Thanks and regards

henkel 9th September 2006 01:08 AM


I once thought I had the same brilliant idea as you do with the Aleph 3 and the Aleph 0s. Connecting to an Musical Fidelity F22 pre-amp(which has a balance and an unbalanced pre-out), and the result of which the input stage in the Aleph 0s burnt from osilating with the Aleph3.

You have done it with no such consequence via the Aleph P?

If yes, do tell me how in more detail?


Alves 11th September 2006 08:39 AM

Hello Henkel!

I have tried 3 connection setups with the Aleph P - all them resulted well, in terms of stability but only two sounded as expected.

First setup
Aleph 3 - RCA output of the Aleph P [unbalanced]
Aleph 0s - XLR output of the Aleph P [balanced]
This setup didn't sound equalized due to different output gains from the Aleph P's balanced and unbalanced outputs.

Second setup
Aleph 3: Positive + ground pins of XLR connection.
Aleph 0s: Negative + ground pins of XLR connection, with output to speakers inverted, in order to correct phase.

Third setup - straight unbalanced
Aleph 3: Positive + ground pins of XLR connection.
Aleph 0s: RCA output of the Aleph.

Did you say Musical Fidelity?! uhmmmm... :att'n: :hot: :dead: :smash:

henkel 12th September 2006 01:54 AM

Thanks for your reply,

Yes, Musical Fidelity!:D

henkel 12th September 2006 01:56 AM

I am actually waiting to upgrade to a Pass X2.5 Pre-amp.

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