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Gooch 9th August 2006 06:38 PM

Help with Heat-Sinks for a Aleph 5
I am trying to put the parts together to build an Aleph 5 I found these two heat sinks I was wondering what you guys think would either one work for building mono blocks
I am all looking at Conrad's MF35-151.5


E-1387 E 1455

flg 23rd August 2006 09:49 AM

I just happened to be looking back a few pages for interesting threads and I found this one. Must have missed it a few weeks ago. Yes, both the units in your links look pretty good. Depending on the length and total amount you want to use. The secret really is, can you get them? At what $$$??'
Have you looked on Ebay? There is a guy that makes them and sells them on Ebay, I think $34 ea. Very cost effective. You can find the thread here with a search...
I have some good size Fischer Electronik units coming through ICS, the SK109 200mm. They're about $62 ea. when I ordered 4. ICS say's they're happy to do small orders for projects like these. [url] :bigeyes: :bigeyes: :bigeyes:

Gooch 23rd August 2006 12:59 PM

Hi flg
Thanks for the reply. I did get a quote back from Therma Flo it was $122 each for the smaller ones and $350 for the larger heat sinks each. I have been in touch with ICS they are very helpful I had them get me a price on Fischer model SK535-300SA.
There 500mm x 300mm x 85mm big heat sinks another member was using them to build an Aleph-X I think. They were $500 each I all most fell over when I got that quote. I didn't realize how expensive these things where I will look into the ones your using I have also seen the ones on e-bay I was thing of getting 8 of those and doubling them up to be on the safe side.


flg 23rd August 2006 11:39 PM

Yes, like I said, what they $$$. I havent actually gone after to many quotes because I scrounge at the "reclamation center" allot An electronic equipment junk reseller (here in Phoenix, no www site). But the ones like I have on order with ICS are ussually $125+ each from Newark or Digi-key(double the price). We are getting ripped off by most of these people. They do go down with volume. They just like $$$ to much... Sooner or later we will get a G.B. going I suppose. Questions like your's pop up allot...
I did like that E-1387 model, the 3.4" deep, 9" wide model. Was that the $122 quote:confused: :confused: :confused:
A slow moving fan, running on lower than spec voltage, is always an option. The capabilities go up fast with even a little air flow:bigeyes:
I noticed those Fischer Elec. Welded contruction designs. Why is it they have such better specs:confused: :confused: :confused: A little Arctic Silver and a direct mount and there is barely any thermal resistance!!!
More assembly and construction time and equipment usage building the welded units means more $$$ though. Sticking with the extruded versions would be cheaper. But then, if the thermal R is 1/2 the extruded numbers, they could be worth it!

johndiy 24th August 2006 06:44 AM

use the biggest you can get


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