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Skorpio 11th May 2006 05:56 AM

Transformer orientation
Does anybody know in what direction the feild from a EI core transformer is spread?

Looking for the optimum placement....:)

flg 11th May 2006 07:56 AM

Skorpio, I believe the "flux Lines" travel through the center and 1/2 of them circle through each outside. Picture two circles touching. The center of the core would be the touching part.

Skorpio 11th May 2006 01:43 PM

The center of the core is that the hole in the bubbin where the windings are turned around?

flg 11th May 2006 06:08 PM

Yes, the center leg of the E will have twice as many flux lines as the outside legs and there will be a north south orientation at each end of the center leg. Most of the feild is in the core. However, I might expect radiation to exist along the two sides of the windings not surroundd by core. In other words, perpindicular (as seen from the top) to the core...

jacco vermeulen 11th May 2006 07:23 PM

Oh Boy, read =>

Often EI-transformers are mounted in a 45 degree turned position to lower the influence of the magnetic field lines.
Generally you do not wish to look in the hole, as with other parts.

GeorgeBoles 12th May 2006 01:25 AM

Mounting EI transformers
Dear All,

I thought this might be a reaonable topic to put these questions:

I have several oldish but fully functional 300W EI transformers.

1. They have clamps at various spots which are bolted to the EI laminations through the corners. I would like to modify/move them. The whole transformer is covered in some sort of varnish. Is it a safe job (i.e. won't damage the transformer), to remove the bolts and reposition the clamps. Will the whole thing just spring apart???

2. Is there such a thing as a "shorted turn" (as you can get with toroids) which is caused by mounting EI type transformers??

3. Can you use a couple of metal clamps at the TOP of the transformers to safely hold them down to the chassis base?

Thanks for your advice,

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