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audioDIYer 28th April 2006 12:05 PM

is 24-0-24V 800VA ok?

I have a 24-0-24V 800VA transformer and I want it to power my Aleph3 boards...

After the caps and without load (boards not connected ;) ) I have 32.5V...
Also, the FETs I use are IRFP048...

Can this be possible to work without burning?!:hot:

With 15-0-15V transformer (+/- 21VDC) the heatsink get :hot: ...
Now I wonder what can happen with +/- 32.5V...

Any help?!

MikeW 28th April 2006 01:07 PM

1. It will get much hotted.
2. The outputs are rated for 55 volts and is close to exceeding that with the 64 volt swing - losses for the rails.
3. I would stick with the 15-0-15 and enjoy the music.
4. It woul be good for an Aleph 5.:D

jeapel 28th April 2006 08:43 PM


for (canada) power house is 120vac

take a normal transfo 250va 24vac 10A (with or without center tap)
wired like a autotransformer to get 100 or 110vac
and in my test i get exactly +-25v with 100vac on my big 750va toroid
for my aleph 3

and 100vac give a more low noise toroid

for europe often power house is 240vac maybe a
48vac 5A do the job


jeapel 28th April 2006 08:47 PM

i forget :-)

i get +-25v with 100vac with load connected 4A
(2 channel with just 1 transfo)

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