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MikeW 24th October 2005 06:44 PM
Page 8 :D

jacco vermeulen 24th October 2005 06:49 PM

Then why do you not download the X350 manual from the download page of Passlabs.
And do a search :
NP posted lots of info on the components used at Passlabs.
Capacitors used previously: Mallory, now Cornell Dubilier.
The manual states "big cans", that will make them computer grades.

Michele 24th October 2005 07:52 PM

X350 Power Supply
I'd like to buy a mint condition used X350 Amplifier. I'd like to know tecnical information about power transformer power, capacitors etc.

Nelson Pass 24th October 2005 09:32 PM

Didn't I just answer your email?

lawbadman 24th October 2005 09:55 PM

So, NP when can we expect to see schematics for the X series :D

moe29 24th October 2005 11:13 PM

We really should respect Pass Labs products that are in production...

The Pass Labs gang have to make a living you know!

(that said there's a thread dedicated to the X amps that has a sticky on it...)

GRollins 24th October 2005 11:58 PM

Buying a new or used one? No problem. Used, see Reno Mark (frequently seen on ebay with Pass gear--but also has his own website--currently listing an X350 for sale...hint, hint). New, see any current Pass dealer.
DIY? Surely you've seen enough snippets by now to be able to cut and paste a 350W "X" amp. First, divide the wattage by four. This tells you how big each side is--i.e. a little less than 90W/side. Now, build two 90W amps and glue them together back-to-back. Use any of the differential variants that have appeared in this forum for a front end, although you may need to feed 'em steroids, depending on which one you choose.
Okay, so now you need to build a power supply. That's not so hard. You'll be looking at rails something on the order of 40-45V. That's no problem, look at all the people who've built Aleph 2s. To make life easier, you won't need quite the current capability, although no one is going to fuss if you just 'accidentally' happen to run the amp up a little higher into class A territory.
Instant X350.


K-amps 31st March 2006 03:54 AM

I am also interested in the X350. What are the DC rails? Is is a "bridge/ balance design" i.e. both sides hot?

Can it drive a nominal 2 ohm load?


Blues 31st March 2006 04:23 AM


Originally posted by K-amps
I am also interested in the X350. What are the DC rails? Is is a "bridge/ balance design" i.e. both sides hot?

Can it drive a nominal 2 ohm load?


If some people hadn't abused NP's generosity we would by now be discussing/building the X-amps as designed by the Master...PassLabs now lists these amps as "Discontinued".

K-amps 31st March 2006 10:11 AM

Actually I meant, I'd like to buy one... I need to know if it can drive my 2 ohm nominal (1.5 ohm min) DIY speakers because my Krell blows it's 10 amp fuses :devilr:

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