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bowdown 12th September 2005 04:19 AM

Please help with zen regulation modification.
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Hi guys i am hoping someone can help me, I have asked the same question on the power supply design forum. I need a regulated 14Vdc power supply @ 150+amps and was wandering if i could modify the circuit from Mr Nelson Pass.

I was thinking of just paralelling heaps of mosfets and disregard the bottom half of the circuit as i only need +14V. I will also have to change the value of the zeners i take it.Not sure exactly what values to use. Please help me if you can.



Alain Dupont 12th September 2005 02:02 PM


You can go with 2*IRFP064V paralled on a good heatsink
about 95/130 Amp each at 60 volts max...
and with a 16 volts zener get your 14 volts DC
use a resistor in serie for each MosFet to share the currtent... ex 0.01 Ohms / 100Watts

Transfo: 16V*150A = 2400VA * 2 coeff ==> 4800 VA min for the transfo at
14 AC output ; Full bridge at 300 Amp /50V mini ; plus a good serie of caps 1000microF/Amp * 150 = 150 000 microF minimum
Watch out the current at power-on! use some sort of triac to lower the inrush!



jackinnj 12th September 2005 02:08 PM

you can't answer the question unless a couple more "bits" of information are provided --
1) what is the raw, unregulated voltage you wish to regulate
2) how tightly do you need to regulate the voltage (%)
3) what are the characteristics of the load -- is the current demand continuous, as in a ClassA amp...

A power MOSFET may not be the best choice.

Brian Donaldson 13th September 2005 02:33 AM

A power MOSFET may not be the best choice.

...unless it's switching.

Dropping 4 volts at 150A is 600watts of heat. That will require $200 worth of heat sink. Reconsider buying a ready made supply.

bowdown 14th September 2005 01:34 AM

Gees guys thanx for all the info. Ok here are the answers to the questions

1- the raw(mains) power is 240Vac
2- The regulation needs to be fairly good i guess 10% or so.
3- No the current is not going to be continous.

Basically i have a car that i take to shows and has 2 Kicker Kx2500.1 amps and also 2 Kicker 650.4 amps. the 2500's are 2500wrms @ 2 ohms and each draw a considerable amount of current (comes with a 300Amp fuse each)

The car has 5 Odyssey battries and i currently have a 50amp charger and it cannot replace the charge quick enough.

I have priced up the ready made chargers and they want like $2500 Australian for 150 amps. I already got some killer heatsinks which can be used in a tunnel assembly( i was going to fan cool them) and i was going to use a 5 farad 20V cap.I got the toroidal priced at $350 Australian.

Any extra info would be great.

Thanx again to all the guys at this awesome Website.



bowdown 15th September 2005 11:19 AM

Im guessing that no one really cares anymore as its to do with car audio stuff, I guess it may still help someone out there if they wanted to do something similar for home stuff.

Thanx for all of those who tried to help me anyway.



Keep up the diy spirit!!

Brian Donaldson 17th September 2005 05:21 PM

More batteries and time may be your cheapest answer.

Or a small gas engine and a car altenator and regulator. 1 HP will give you around 500W, so get a 5hp lawn mower engine and 2 altenators from the junk yard and run them off the same reg to help them share the load. Most alts will have a 2-3" pully, so get a 6-8" pully for the engine so you spin it fast enough.

The PSU forum would be a better place to get this sort of help.

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