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bezobraznia 19th February 2005 01:58 AM

>Nelson Pass, now i understand why DoZ is DEATH of Zen :)
Nelson Pass, now i understand why DoZ is DEATH of Zen :)
When i go making Your Death of Zen, he becomes a fix idea for me :) I tryed soo many variations and combinations for replace parts for DoZ... bc559, bc560, bd139, 2N3055, MJ15003 etc, etc...
And soon i go on Audiophile meeting in my Country and at last i have possibility hearing Zen V.4 ... A friend of mine make this amp, and make it very good! BUT, when i go to the final version of Death of Zen, I feel So Proud to say that ZEN V.4 is so weak in competition with My version of DoZ :)
I have to say some words for parts that i use:
Transformer is a little weak, but he make a good job with unregulated 43V for 2x 2.2-2.4A for channel (and 50.C :hot: )
The only weak part that I use is a small rectifiler bridge from Conrad, but it works OK! After bridge i have Sprague 33000uF and after this i have 7500uF (Frako) coupled with 47nF (Wima)
My Input capacitors was Philips 1uF (MKT), but tomorrow i will make the last change of DoZ ;) - at last i have chance and get two of 1uF (Wima) MKP :) or maybe i will use two of silver (but elektrolytic) Russian Capacitors that i get from a friend of mine.
The BC559 transistors in Your version i replace with BC560
The Drivers BD139 (Samsung) , i replace with MJE15030 (On-Semi)
For Power transistors i experiment with many types but most beautiful sound i get with 2SC5200 (Toshiba) ...
I have a big heatsinks but 2SC go very hot :) about 85.C
On My Output Stage i have two of 5000uF General Electric Electrolytic capacitors, but they are "dry-type", coupled with 2.2uF (Wima MKS4)...
The sound before (and with Capacitor Multipler) was ok, but when i make aall this changes above, and most importand - i throw Capacitance Multipler in the "trash" there are the light in the tunnel!
Now Sound is WONDERFULL!!!
rem. For measuring on making i've using Digital Multicet and My faithfull Osciloscope - Philips (Two 80mhz Tubes)
p.s. my site is active and with pictures, but for now only in Bulgarian and site is not updated with above changes...

Best Reggards
Niki / Bulgaria

Prune 19th February 2005 02:10 AM

Now you've done it. DoZ is not a Pass amp, it was designed by Rod Elliott and named death of Zen because of ciriticisms he had about the Zen amps.

'Audiophile meeting' v Bulgaria? Ne moga da poviarvam. Ot kude pari be? Ama to verno che evropeiskia suiuz hvurlia dosta pari v taia durzhava. To iasno za kakvo otivat...naistina si bezobrazen!

bezobraznia 19th February 2005 11:50 AM

Ok, this is my mistake, and I'm trully Sorry about it... My apologies!
But the most importand that i wanted to say for Audiophile and DoZ lovers is Done! I just say my experience about making it!
Prune: Ei, 4oveche ... :mad: dobre si doshyl na sledvashtata sreshta obache te preduprejdavam - Nosi si nai-dobria amp i koloni i Cd-player ili kakvoto tam imash za da bydesh TOTALNO razocharovan ot tvoite aparaturi ,.... oshte poveche kato vidish kak tuk nie s nikakvi sredstva pravim mnogo po-kachestveni neshta ot tova koeto se prodava i slusha po sveta...

moe29 19th February 2005 03:09 PM

...some people just don't get it.

hifimaker 19th February 2005 05:48 PM

I was a little confused by the thread as well.

Here's a thread where Nelson had commented on DOZ:


MikeW 19th February 2005 10:18 PM

The Zen can sound very good depending on what speakers you listen to.

moe29 20th February 2005 03:31 AM

For me the ZEN was a great learning experience, and for that
alone Mr. Pass deserves major props ;)

If you are building the ZEN be sure to incorporate the mods
outlined in the ZEN Revisited article. The power supply
additions alone make a world of difference.

...then again, it was nice to hear the before and after effects.
A good way to learn about amps. And i'm not talking golden ear
improvements - clearly audible, even to noobs like me :)

"I do not seek, I find" - Picasso

bezobraznia 20th February 2005 09:04 PM

Maybe Zen is not for all of diy-makers... but maybe DoZ with my Improvements sounding better than Zen rev.4...
I Judge about what I hear, and thats it ...
And i will say again - I'm only have to share my experience with all of you about making of DoZ... And in the same time with great respect to Nelson Pass!
Maybe JLH amplifier is the original prototype of DoZ, maybe - not.
That's i don't want to know ...
The reason for my tread is only for help for DIY-ers in the world
I leasten on Fullrange Visaton BG20 in Folded by me Voigt Pipe with RLC + Zobel for nasty peak in the 3-7khz range.
Soon (I hope) will be leasten on alnico fullranges self made from one of my friends - "crazy diy'ers" :)

Best Reggards
Niki / Bulgaria

p.s. I have a question about power for DoZ-
What kind of diode will i use for rectifier? Maybe Shotky - and what type? I have the only one transformer and would I use two independant rectifier bridges? Thank you in advice!

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