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promitheus 16th February 2005 03:27 PM

Zen Version 4 PCBīs Europe Group Buy.
I want to make 4 amplifiers for myself of the Pass Zen Amplifier Version 4 for a small active speaker. :D

The problem is I donīt have a lot of money to build so many projects :bawling:

The Post costs to order them from passdiy from the USA are pretty high so I was thinking if a few people are interested I could order a few more boards making the cost go down and for other people living in Germany and the rest of Europe the Post wonīt cost that much because I could send them as a letter.

If anybody is interested please contact me so I can make a list of people and number of boards to order from the pcb company.
Price of the boards really depends on the number but it can really get cheap.

The quality of the boards would be 1,5mm PCB thickness (or 2mm if most people want to) it depends on the price,70um copper thickness (double the normal thickness and this is more important the pcb thickness) , Solder stop on both sides and part print in white on top.

The Pcb layout will be identical to the passdiy pcbs.

promitheus 16th February 2005 08:42 PM

For those who have built this amp are you satisfied with the layout?
I donīt know if I should use the original or make a few changes.

promitheus 17th February 2005 08:21 AM

could one of the Adminīs please move this thread to the
Market Place / Group Buays. I think it belongs there.

steenoe 17th February 2005 09:40 AM

I am in for some of those:cool:


promitheus 17th February 2005 09:55 AM

Please post for how many pieces you would be interested in so I can get to price from the production company.
the price falls very quickly when the pcb ammount gets over 50 pieces and then again it falls alot when they are more than 100.
I am still waiting for a reply from the manufacturer of the boards for the prices.

It also depends on the quality of the boards.
So please post what you would like to have.
the pcb thickness is normaly 1,5mm but I could order them in 2mm thickness that would be cool to get some massive pcbs.
also the normal thickness of copper is 35um. I dont know what the original passdiy pcbs have but I would say double thicknes would be a must.

I would say we order 70um thickness for lower track resistance and decide on the way for the pcb thickness.

Does anybody know what the copper thickness of the passdiy pcbs have?

promitheus 17th February 2005 10:44 AM

After thinking about it , I thought parallel to the PCBs I could also order the original parts from the Article.

If anybody is interested for a parts KIT with the boards please not this in your post.

steenoe 17th February 2005 11:12 AM

I would go for 2mm boards with 70um tracks, plated through holes. I will take at least 4, probably more when I mention this to some DIY friends. As for mods, I don't think very much is to be won, probably hard to beat the man himself;) BTW according to Nelson Pass, the ZenV4 sounds very similar to an Aleph 30:cool: Sweet. This ought to be a popular group buy as the Zen is easy enough to build compared to the A-X. Also, it comes with wonderfull documentation from Pass. Really educating, reading through the pages, building the amp at the same time:)
Regarding the kit,
It would be nice if you could source some of the Irfp044 old version. Not the N version. The rest is fairly common stuff.


promitheus 17th February 2005 11:27 AM

Itīs common stuff I know but when I order the parts only for 4 boards it costs more than when I order for more people. The prices usually fal for numbers of 10 or 100.

For the IRFP044 I have searched all over the place but I canīt find any with the N. They are really hard to get. I think though that the N version could actually be better.
I donīt know which are 100% better.

I also like the idea of 2mm boards with 70um thickness. It costs more in the production than normal boards but I was thinking that in bigger quantities this wouldnīt be important as the price will drop anyway.

What are you planing on building?

This amp of course scalable right?
I could make a couple of 10W amps for active speakers or so, what do you think?

jacco vermeulen 17th February 2005 11:31 AM

I have never done the Zen and my current project list is more than enough to send me to the mental ward within a year.

As it is very easy to build the Zen with a ready made pcb, and i like such a group buy to be a succesfull one you can count me in for 4 boards too, Promitheus.

(dont expect any building comments from me within 2Y though)

promitheus 17th February 2005 11:40 AM

I know what you mean.
I still have unfinished things from last year.
I always tell my friends who also build stuff:

If you had everything ready built what would you do then?
You would have to find a new hobby.

As long as there is something to built and listen to than our hobby goes on. Its fun isnt it?

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