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ralf 1st June 2004 12:44 PM

Sound differences with Toroids

has anyone experiences with sonic differences when using different toroids?

i ask me if it will enhance the sound by replacing standard toroid with high-grade toroid in amplifier...

thanks for help,


jh6you 2nd June 2004 03:03 PM

I have tried different toroids, but no different amplified sound. Merely, I have seen some differences in noises of toroid themselves. This applies in my cases.

K-amps 2nd June 2004 03:06 PM

10-4 that.

I have experienced more separation after going Dual-mono but that could be just that, a perception.

Some toroids Buzz loud enough to be obtrusive, if yours is quiet enough, no need to change I guess...

sam9 2nd June 2004 04:25 PM

If they have eqivalent ratings, none.

I would suggest that size, mounting hardware and cost can affect sound by imposing constraits on other aspects of physical construction. Size and mounting hardware may dictate where it can be located in an enclosure which in turn could impose constraints on locating other components and wires. If you have a fixed budget, cost may impose/offer tradoffs with other components.

D3 3rd June 2004 10:37 AM

My brother has conducted a number of tests......for stereo amplifiers within one box.

Dual Mono ie two separate transformers & recitiers gave.......better apprant separation/detail...Hi Fi

However using one transformer with dual secondaries & twin rectifiers gave less obvoius separation but a better feel of integration...........apprantly the effect is not subtle..

This was a subjective test at a reputed HI Fi Company in UK...

My brother stated mesurements alone proved two separate transformers were far superior........but blind subjective tests indicated the single transformer was preferred......

I can't explain this ......... I like dual mono ........ myself...

Just thought I would throw this little ..... nibble of info in...

jh6you 3rd June 2004 03:55 PM

By the way, I feel somewhat different results between toroids and EIs. Probably, it's due to the different magnetic flux densities? With toroids, I feel my swing with steel-shaft iron while, with EIs, I feel my swing with graphite-shaft iron.

What is your different opinion?

jam 3rd June 2004 04:35 PM


You make a vaild point. It seems some small level of crosstalk can subjectively improve sonics. With torids, I have found similar results unless you increase the size of the transformers in the dual mono configuration. i.e. 1KvA in a stereo amp does not translate to 2 X 500vA in the dual mono. It probably translates to more like 2 X 800vA or higher. Probably due to the lower impedence of the larger transformers.


Peter Daniel 3rd June 2004 04:48 PM

I compared 200VA, 300VA and 400VA exactly same type Plitron toroids in GC and each sounded different. Using different brand toroid of the same power rating also brough different sonics.

The difference wasn't that big, but there was always preferrence with regards to amount of harshness (or glare), smoothness and overall body. I could live with all those transformers, if I didn't compare them directly side by side.

It seems like bigger was better, but I'm not completely sure about it yet. The bigger transformer was more dynamic, but also possesed more glare and less smoothness.

jam 3rd June 2004 04:55 PM


I bet there is more capacitance between the primary and secondary of the bigger transformer hence an easier path for noise to get thru. I am thinking of switching to C-cores as they don't seem to have this problem. Have youy tried C-core transformers?


zygibajt 3rd June 2004 05:03 PM

I also compared diffrent brands of transformers a couple of times and the sonic diffrances were quite obvious,especially in preamplifiers.

It seems to me that better quality and more quiet transformers always sounded better.More buzzing ones being more harsh.

I now found a local company producing very high quality transformers for medical porpuses.They have electromagnetic and electrostatic shield and are fitted in plastic cans all filled with epoxy.They are three times more expensive than regular cheapest I can get but they are dead quiet ,even under big load,and sound very good.


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