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Magura 31st March 2004 01:23 AM

Pass and IP matters

Originally posted by Nelson Pass
Say guys, I just finished *****ing about DIYZONE posting
exactly the same schematics without permission.

I officially give you this permission here and now, but I think
we need to consider how this is to be done in the future,
otherwise other sites can point to DIYAudio as an example
of why it's OK.

To not mess up the thread this is taken from.....

Nelson could you please give exact guidelines for when, where, if and how its acceptable to post your work.

I asked a few days ago if it was ok to cut bits out of your schematics, mate them with something else and post them here. Your answer back then was that I was free to cut, mix and match, and post the end result (please correct me if i got that wrong). Now i see somebody whom have done something similar, and you say thats not ok.

Just to make sure that youre happy with the codex we are running here at (we are many that would like to see more of your work in the future) , please make a final decision about this issue before we get more bad carma about this subject. It seems diyzone can handle that on their own ;)


grataku 31st March 2004 02:06 AM

Just to be on the safe side, how about never?
You should develop your own style using your aesthetic sense and one of the myriad of programs out there.

Being able to come up with your original schematic is a plus, too.

Magura 31st March 2004 02:23 AM

Not to sound negative or the like, but I have no intentions putting the nessecery effort into studying audio electronics within the next decade, to be able to make my own amps and the like.

It would be like me telling you to go out and learn to machine a decent cabinet and do the heat transfer layout of a heatsink. You most likely wouldnt be able to, and would have to put huge effort into it, to learn to do so to an extend that is any good.

That ive come far enough to mostly understand a schematic and the function of it, is a huge step for me.

Thats why you and most others here make a construction thats a variant of some sort, and clamp it onto a simple cabinet with a standard off the shelf heatsink.

Im the exact opposite, I make a simple Pass a circuit im sure i understand the function of, design the desired heat transfer diagram and machine the cabinet/-heatsinks.

You gotta take into account that we all have our "home ground" ;)


grataku 31st March 2004 02:43 AM

If that is the attitude, then I am not sure why you would need to post schematics.
I am just pulling your leg here but I think the goal doesn't have to be to "learn audio electronics" ( if there is any such thing) just to focus on that particular piece of the puzzle that interests you, I digress.

PS For your info I am quite versed at machining. Making the case and the layout used to be my favorite part together with measuring and testing the circuit, PCB layout follows, I hate stuffing and wiring. Don't like listening all that much anymore ;-)

Magura 31st March 2004 02:54 AM

Well Grataku, youre rare around here....I guess i just stumbled over my own feet generalizing :)

The reply was thoug intended to open a few eyes here on the forum. Im sure there are a number of people here in about the same situation as im in.

I prefer to leave the big thoughts to NP....and that seems to work well ;)

Then a mix and match of the result of his thoughts and ideas is more or less within my abilities.


grataku 31st March 2004 03:27 AM

Hey Magura,
WRT IP I feel we are at a crossover point and so one has to be very careful with little apparently trivial things like posting schematics. The moderators have been very strict on very stupid issues and incredibly lax on much more serious ones. Nonetheless, for the most part this site has made a lot possible mostly for the good. Now there are many issues that are starting to creep up and that I don't like.
They all have to do with the business venturing, profiteering and other bits and pieces of commercial activity on this and other websites. I have a feeling that is going to get much worse before it gets better.

Magura 31st March 2004 03:42 AM

I couldnt agree more, hence my initial question to NP.


Raka 31st March 2004 06:45 AM


Originally posted by grataku

They all have to do with the business venturing, profiteering and other bits and pieces of commercial activity on this and other websites. I have a feeling that is going to get much worse before it gets better.

I think both of you tells the truth.

Grataku, I agree with you that lately it can be smelt some actions in order to make profit of some kind, but I'm not the one to point no one since there are much people (me the first) that most of the time are learning and getting for free from the others in some way. BTW, we all have our role here, and in some way we all are important.
The balance between "The apple pie from the scratch" as defined by Sagan and taking advantage from other is different from each person. Anyway, the IP should be ABSOLUTELY respected by anyone.

BTW, DIY stands for do it yourself, right? ;)

jh6you 31st March 2004 08:32 AM

I think that diyAudio should exist purely for diyers. When someone, as a pirate, abuses the things inside diyAudio for commercial purpose or similar, it is wrong and is to be banned.

Id like to welcome professional experts offering things to diyAudio for diyers. Meanwhile, Id like to hate uncomfortable experts stealing things from diyAudio for profits.

I always feel irritating even with the activities of group PCB-purchasing.

Best Regards

tomchaoda 31st March 2004 03:15 PM


I always feel irritating even with the activities of group PCB-purchasing.
I agree if this is done by pirating or change design without original designer's consent, but if the PCB GP has the original designer's blessing, why feel irritating?


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