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dantwomey 8th November 2003 01:53 AM

Scaling Aleph-X up to 200w
Brian Donaldson has peak my interest with,

"Could you post a pic of the layout and some details. I would like to scale it up to 20 fets or so (5 per bank) and 200 watts."

What are the basics of just such a venture?


roddyama 8th November 2003 03:29 AM


I'm supprised you haven't seen this thread on "High Powered AlephX".

Going to 200w would be very much about handling the heat:hot: and going BIG. BIG heatsinks, BIG transformers, BIG supply caps, BIG bias currents, BIG electric bills.:bigeyes:

Mattyo5 8th November 2003 03:38 AM

With the alephx bias excel spreadsheat it comes out to be about 500-600 watts of heat PER CHANNEL for 200 w into 4 ohms....22v at 10 amps bias? I think. I forget. You'd probably have to use all 24 fets per channel as get adequate heat dissipation. I was actually planning on doing this...but then again...thats a LOT of heat and I don't have a big place! haha! Later!

-Matthew K. Olson

Brian Donaldson 8th November 2003 04:50 AM

Eah watts wrong with a little heat. I found some ugly but very efficent looking heat sinks in my favorite surplus shop. They are about 3"x8"x12" with tiny fins (1/16"x1/2" slots). The guy said that with forced air, they should be good for about 2kw. (I think more like 1kw.) But they are only $15.00 each. I'm thinking that with a well thought out open cell foam labyrinth for an air chase that you wouldn't hear a quiet fan or three. This scheme works well with 150 KW diesel generators.
I love the looks of huge masses of axtruded aluminum, but this may be a more space and cost efective way of making a inexpensive huge AX.
I'll post pics later.

I know there are purist among you that can be happy with 10W to listen to your chamber music. That won't cut it for me. I want in somewhat loud without sacrificing any dynamics. If you've watched any of yor favorite tracks on a scope as you listened, (I know you guys do it) you'ld see that you need at least 6 dbs of headroom.

Brian Donaldson 8th November 2003 05:03 AM

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Pardon my rambling. I just finished working a 18 hr shift and need my diyaudio fix.
$25.00 each
3/8" base

Mattyo5 8th November 2003 11:05 AM

Out of curiostiy, are more of those sinks for sale? How many? and do you take paypal? Thanks!

-Matthew K. Olson

Brian Donaldson 8th November 2003 11:30 AM

I'll look next time I'm there. I'm not trying to sell them, but I can buy and ship you some if they still have some

dantwomey 8th November 2003 12:08 PM

Here's the idea I've been kicking around for the heatsinks of a 200w Aleph-X. I was thinking of 'emulating' Levinson's 33H' with a tall'ish design. I was pondering the use of a 20 inch R-theta 65340 in black for each side of the monoblock. A silver or natural colour 66153 for the front. And 1/4" plate for the rest. Here are the related pics.


P.S. This is just me trying to think 'outside of the box' so be kind.

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