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Merijn 3rd November 2003 07:46 PM

Logo on diy Pass clones
No good DIY amp without a nice case...

I would like to finish my BoSoZ with a nice logo (hope this is the right word for it...)

Something like mr. Pass is using on

Is it allowed to copy this logo? and if so, what would be a nice technique to do so?

I can try to make decals of the logo, or airbrush it, but a profesionally make would be so much nicer... Mr. Pass, what about some nice self adhesive logo's on the order page?

nemestra 3rd November 2003 09:24 PM

Re: Logo on diy Pass clones

Originally posted by Merijn
Mr. Pass, what about some nice self adhesive logo's on the order page?
Well for several thousand dollars/Euros etc. I'm sure Mr. Pass will sell you a nice logo and adhesive a damn fine amplifier to the back of it as well... :-)


Magura 3rd November 2003 10:55 PM

Its no problem to copy that logo....but copyrights sure are.

I guess id send Pass a request for permission before copying anything!!!


Nelson Pass 3rd November 2003 11:28 PM

We don't have any issues with non-commercial use.

Magura 4th November 2003 08:39 AM

Well, in that case there are several options:

1) Mask and Ball burnish. Gives a pro looking silky finish thats a little darker than the original material.

2) Etching, using photo resistant coating like on printboards.

3) The more troublesome solution. Mask the logo before anodizing.

There are plenty more options...let me know if you dont like any of theese, and give me a pointer what it is you are looking for.


Vigier 4th November 2003 08:59 AM

I think it would look nice if you cut it out with a laser-cutter in a plate of 3 mm RVS (stainless steel). And then attach (right word?) it with some glue (or 2 bolts).
Use a black metal case, polished stainless steel for the logo, and of course the blue led, I think that's a beautiful combination!

Grtz, Joris

P.S. Watch out with the sharp edges of the steel!

Magura 4th November 2003 09:42 AM

I too thought of laser cutting....but i guess you dont know how much it would cost.

The setup cost is at least 100euro....thats maybe a little more than id spend on a logo.

If such a logo should appeal to anybody anyway, i could take care of the manufacturing of such (company next door got a lasercutter) , but it would take a minimum of lets say 20 pcs. to get the price down to something around 20 euro a piece.


Vigier 4th November 2003 10:22 AM


that is only interesting when you know somebody that uses one at work very good.
In december a guy will cut 3 backplates in 3mm stainless steel of amplfiers for me (for cinch connectors, main-connector, switch, speaker connectors etc) and 3 front-plates of 10mm stainless steel.
I will pay the price of the steel itself, and a donation for the party-bankaccount, so I think all will be done for about 150 or 200

If they let you pay the full price, then 20 Euro each if you take 20 pieces is a reasonable price. But a beautiful finish of a project is worth a lot, isn't it?

Grtz, Joris

Magura 4th November 2003 11:45 AM

so it is...lasercutting is waaay too expensive, unless you know somebody well thats working with such a thing :(

Thats the reason i came up with the other solutions.

Engraving is another solution...but also not cheap :-(

The only resonably priced solution that looks like laser cutting, is to get yourself a set of needle files ...and file the logo out of a plate...ive done something like that a few years ago, its possible, and most likely not a bad solution, since you gotta have a real good job to not be interested in saving 20 euros in 1 to 2 hours :-)


icceman 4th November 2003 02:27 PM

This is the logo for my Aleph 5 clone (etching on brass plate + gold plating) :

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