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HeadSh0T 27th August 2003 03:15 AM

Which is your favourite Aleph??
I'm trying to decide which Aleph amp to build and I want to know what people feel is the best one. Only answer if you've built the amp and have compared it to other alephs.

(i.e., personal objective experiences preferred!)

I know many will say the Aleph X but Nelson seems to prefer the Aleph 2, based on previous posts.

Brian Donaldson 27th August 2003 03:41 AM

I built Aleph 2+ because I was afraid that I woulnd be satisfied with less than 200 wpc. My speakers are 4 ohm, so I added 2 fets per side and used .68 ohm source resistors so I idle just over 5A at almost 100V and 160 deg F.
I haven't had much time to listen because I'm very busy with work these days, But they do sound very detailed and open with no glare or harshness, yet quite capable of loud transients.
I plan to include vu meters for temp, bias, and output on the finished face with either a switch or pot to adjust bias down for noncritical background listening. My poor A/C can't keep the house cool in the summer with 1kw Aleph heaters running during the heat of the day.
Sorry I don't have any other amps even near the quality to compair to. The Alephs are replacing Kenwood KRC 750 (mid 80's) that really sounded pretty good for mid 80's upper midfi. If I was a man who could discard stereo eqipment, I would but the Kenwood on the curb after hearing the Alephs.
Be warned, heat sinks for such a beast will likely cost $500. A pair of transformers $350, Big *** caps $200. Pretty soon that adds up to real money. Buy it a little at the time so it doesn't hurt so.
Also, The Aleph 2 was on Stereophiles class A recomended equipment list around 1997. read the review if you can fond it.

Brian Donaldson 27th August 2003 03:52 AM

Oops. That was the Aleph 3 that tied for Amplifier product of the year in 1997. But it's onl 30 wpc. great if you have efficient speakers.

jleaman 27th August 2003 04:32 AM

Build the aleph 2.. there nice. But be-ware they might be a bit pricey to build. as im finding this out now.. : O ) BUT im not giveing up.

moe29 27th August 2003 04:33 AM

As Mr. Pass has so eloquently put it in the past:

"build the Aleph 2"

or at least words to that effect : )

(Read the Power Mosfet Choices thread)


jh6you 27th August 2003 06:24 AM


Originally posted by HeadSh0T
I'm trying to decide which Aleph amp to build and I want to know what people feel is the best one.

As I don't know your specification,
I recommend you to first build Aleph 2.
What if not to your spec?
Try these until you are satisfied with:

- Mofify it to Aleph 5.
- Modify it to Aleph 4.
- Modify it to Aleph 30.
- Then, modify it to Aleph 3.

Random sequence could be also acceptable.

Good luck.


Jay 29th August 2003 01:49 PM

Pure Single Ended Aleph3 ????
I have built only Aleph3, Aleph5 and their (many) variations. Not Aleph2, due to the power consumption.

I don't know how the variations in input stage circuit affect the sound, but I guest such and other aspects virtually don't matter but the bias current and output impedance (the ability to handle speakers).

I have 2 friends who have tried many Alephs and sweared that Aleph3 WITH suitable speaker is better than others (even compared to Aleph2). If we look at the circuit, the MOSFET in Aleph3 is heavily bias, but only 2 devices compared to Aleph2 (Aleph5 is sitting nowhere). And I swear that my "12W" Aleph3 is better than the standard 30W Aleph3.

So, IMO, the important factor here is the bias and optimum number of devices. Anything that changes the bias (such as a simple change in supply rail) will change the "name" of the amplifier. And I believe that most fellows here have built the Aleph not as is!

Here is my real case: I want to change my 25V rail of Aleph3 to 45V rail. And here is my schenario:
1. The basic input stage circuit will follow Aleph3.
2. The differential pair will be biased with more than 20mA (Aleph standard). I will increase after the output stage is decided, based on listening test.
3. I don't want any capacitor exist in the output stage (those standard 220uFs)
4. I will heavily bias every single one of the MOSFETs (I'm thinking a maximum of 3 MOSFETs, and a fan).
5. I want a pure single ended operation, but with minimum powerline consumption.
6. As far as performance goes, I will use my current Aleph as a refference. If it's not better, I will use the old one :nod:

zygibajt 29th August 2003 09:24 PM

I have benn using Aleph 4 for quite some time,then sold it to my friend.In the meantime I built Aleph 3,which I'm using now.I think Aleph 4 was better,more refined.Midrange is probably same but bass and highs in Aleph 4 were better.I'm planning to build Aleph 2 ,now becouse it is suppose to be better than Aleph 4.Then I will try Aleph X

Bricolo 29th August 2003 09:52 PM

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