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Mallard 29th July 2011 02:48 PM

F5 damaged?
Hi Folks,

since yesterday the sound coming out of my F5 - B1 - CD Player combination is a bit strange. There is a pretty strong scratching especially at mid frequencies (strong woman voices).
It seems that it's independend of the volume.
Is it possible that the my F5 is damaged somewhere? I checked Offset and Bias, everythings is ok... but the sound :(

I have to say that I have listen quite a time at full volume of the B1.

Any idea? I can not imagine that the Mosfets got damaged but the Jfets maybe?
Has anyone had similar prolems?


Zen Mod 29th July 2011 02:57 PM

both channels ?

did you tried other source , or other amp with same source ?

Mallard 29th July 2011 04:46 PM

Yes, it's both channels.

Unfortunately I don't have the equipement to change everything.
I need to borrow them from some friends of mine.

juma 29th July 2011 05:12 PM

Scratching might indicate damaged speakers...

digits 29th July 2011 05:19 PM

I had this happen recently, turned out to be a dieing electrolytic cap in the crossover... Have you measured speaker resistance to check that they are fine? Checked for DC on outputs?

Mallard 30th July 2011 05:43 PM

A general question, an output voltage of 1.8V from my CD Player should not damage my F5, wright?

So I guess I need to check my crossover-network of the speakers...

digits 30th July 2011 05:48 PM

Press the cone in and out with your finger and first listen for any phisical damage, i.e. scrapeing.. my speakers are over 30 years old....

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