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Zen Mod 11th April 2011 06:21 PM

Babelfishing by Mighty AR2
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AR2 is my friend :clown:

and , yes - baaaad Papa !

baaaad !


Zen Mod 11th April 2011 06:22 PM

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bata bane 11th April 2011 06:54 PM

mi like bad .... :D

Zen Mod 11th April 2011 07:02 PM

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black box - gift
dreky pcbs - gift
many inside parts - gift
Towers - gift

Mighty AR2 is a man with grateful and satisfied friends ........

either he's worthy ...... or they're all wakoo

CeeVee 11th April 2011 08:21 PM

Ai Ai Ai Caramba...........:D

AR2 11th April 2011 09:24 PM

It seems like some text is needed under the pictures...

This is obviously work in progress, but which DIY project is not in progress?
It has been a while since I had my original active three way system, that was based on Behringer DCX2496. Now I decided to change almost everything. To start from the end... Speakers - are RAALs Eternity on the top. Bass is Lambda 15" Enclosures are just made for the measurements and tests. The final ones will be made on CNC curved and hopefully beautiful. Eternity tops are naked in the shoot, they have covers and foams that are there to help with dispersion. Those are RAAL's omni speakers with 18 small mid drivers and 15 ribbons. Bass is positioned in the center of the column in order to maintain perfect time alignment, and since it is cut at 200 - 200Hz there are no ill effect on voicing because of the angle. So far I am very happy how they sound. Cannot wait to complete final boxes.

Amps - Nelson's X 600s are driving bass, cases are my execution, and Babelfish J2 is in the Nelson's test case, I was lucky to receive from Mr.Pass. That Amp has a holly character for me, since it is the case Nelson used, and amp is based on his J2, modified and designed by Zen Mod, playing on Alex's speakers

So in my room I have work of three guys I am fortunate to call friends - Nelson, Choky and Alex. I feel like three of them are constantly singing to me. :p:p:p

B2J works on Eternity and it sounds immaculate. It is just an exceptional amp. I loved that amp from the moment I first time heard it at Nelson's place and I believe that Choky's execution brings it even one step up. Originally I drove it with 2 x 400VA Plitrons with 2 x 130uF PS, but since I am limited with the case size and also because I am driving only mids and highs, I was comfortable shrinking PS in half.

The main changes to my system are going to happen in digital domain. I will be using asynchronous USB to I2S converter 332/384 8 channel output device with two (or three) Sabre based ESS 9012 DACs. Analog portion will be Twisted Pear's Legato, with Choky's designed 6 channel Lundahl transformers and balanced jFet buffers. Balanced from beginning to the end without a single cap in the path.

I am just working on the digital portion, assembling it, at the same time I am finishing speakers and amp installations. A lots of work, but that is what I enjoy the most. I have to say, I am really fortunate to be in the position to play with such a outstanding equipment, but more than anything, I am fortunate to know these exceptional people whose work I admire so much.

CanAm Man 12th April 2011 12:38 AM

AR2, Mr. Papa, Choky and Alex--just totally amazing. I am humbled. What a system......!

P.S. My birthday is July 26th..... I can give you shipping instructions, in case you tire of ANY of this outstanding equipment.... :D

Zen Mod 17th April 2011 11:09 AM

further demonstrations of brute force - by Mighty Master Burner - AR2

Jaac 17th April 2011 11:13 AM

Nice mechanical job!

AR2 17th April 2011 06:03 PM

This unit is meant for voltage out DACs. It is balanced and it has 6 channels. At the input signal goes from Lundahl transformers, through balanced jFet buffer, that Zen Mod designed based on Mr. Pass's B1, but this version is balanced and without caps in the signal path. Circuit board was designed by Cviller. After buffer, signal goes through Apox volume control, again 6 channels balanced. I do not know what happened to those two guys that made Apox volume controls, unfortunately they stopped making them. This one is last 5 -6 years with me and it works great. Too bad they are not doing it any more. PS is based on stacked regulators and buffer is heavily fortified with cap multipliers.

Case is my old case that I modified with carbon fibre and additional Al for the front panel. Knobs are big and heavy and they needed an extra support, so that is where ball bearings come into the play. The rest is obvious, sound is immaculate, and the whole thing is extremely quiet.

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