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Bernhard 25th July 2003 08:00 PM

Another way to paradise ?
Today in the train while trying to understand the susy for the first time, I got some idea...

Just quick and dirty:

At the negative inputs of the op amps the clean part of the signal is much more attenuated than the distortion part.

Any good ? :scratch:

Output impedance of the signal source is 0 ohm.

Nelson Pass 28th July 2003 07:48 PM

The distortion will pass through V3 to the positive input,
and be reamplified, won't it?

Bernhard 7th August 2003 10:38 PM


Originally posted by Nelson Pass
The distortion will pass through V3 to the positive input,
and be reamplified, won't it?

Yes :bawling: but when I look at the mono susy amp, I can see a similar positive feedback path from amp's left output - feedback to other side resistor - right side noninverting opamp input- input series resistor- signal source - input series resistor- left side noninverting opamp input :scratch:

Bernhard 8th August 2003 10:19 PM

I connected R22 to the noninverting input of x1 and other side same thing.

Then played with values to get full output swing @ 2V input.

Added a 5kHz sine source with 10Vpp and a 10ohm series resistor and connected that parallel to the load.

This is my distortion :dead:

With PSU switched off in the sim this gives a 5kHz 4.5Vpp sine across the load.

With PSU switched on and inputs shorted the 5kHz sine is reduced to 50mV. :)

-40dB ?

The 5kHz sine across the 1k input resistors is 160yV.

What does this want to tell me :scratch: :confused:

It is also very nice to see in the sim how the opamp output (if a 10ohm is added on the opamp output) works against the external distortion :devily:

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