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Gomer 18th June 2003 07:28 PM

Zen4 owners: What speakers are you using?
I am trying to see what type of speakers I can get away with (efficiency wise). How loud do you play your music?


Panelhead 18th June 2003 10:40 PM

Re: Zen4 owners: What speakers are you using?

Originally posted by Gomer
I am trying to see what type of speakers I can get away with (efficiency wise). How loud do you play your music?


My speakers a Lowther PM7A drivers in homemade folded TQWT cabinets. They are 15 ohm and 100 dB efficient. The V4 plays plenty loud.
I am only guessing, but a 90 dB, 8 ohm speaker should be fine. Especially if the bias is set at 2 amps. Mine is set at 1.25 amps, but that is plenty for this application.


Michael Rothacher 18th June 2003 11:53 PM

My vote for best ZV4 compatible budget speaker is the JBL S38II. They sound fantastic together. Really! The JBL's list for $600, but can be found for $275 at Check out my full review at in August.


tick 19th June 2003 12:29 AM

I built the higher bias Z4 and am running Kef mdr2's (little bookshelf guys) @ ~89 dB. I can get more than enough volume with the z4 and the sound was a definite step up from my NAD 2700!


elviukai 19th June 2003 11:10 AM

I play my zen amp(1,3A bias) with some kind of coxial like lowther. but sensivity is 86-87db. I dont know what wattage is now from my zen, but sound prwesure level in 15m3 room is about 110db. seiuos..

but I am planing to built, sensitive speakers around 92-95db/w/m 8 ohm. it shpuld work much more better.

also zen v4 has no bass, without good preamp. trying to conect to variable output or passive potnciometer is bad idea..

imlulu 19th June 2003 11:47 AM

Hi All,

I am using B&W M805. Mid and high is sweet, but low is less impressed.

What is your comment of high bias and low bias setup in Zen v4?


arold19 19th June 2003 04:30 PM

My ZenV4 is setting at 2A..... I use a two way home made speaker.. the woofer is a 6,5" vifa and the tweeter is a Vifa speakes also ! I don't know the sensivity of the speakers ! The crossover is a 6db/octave....
so... the Zen V4 have a lot of difficulty to reproduce the bass, the bass have no impact and the medium also... people say that vifa speakers are hopeless to ZEN damping capability.....

Shoog 19th June 2003 05:18 PM

I have a ZenV2 running at about 2.4A bias with a 34Volt rail, which I use to drive a pair of vintage alnico Isophons in a 12ft folded voight pipe. Great sound and plenty of bass. I would guess the sensativity to be about 95db. I wouldnt try anything much below 90db. I would agree that a good pre-amp is essential (the Bride of Zen is cheap and excellent).


Nelson Pass 21st June 2003 02:46 AM

At the moment I'm listening to Zen Lites (close enough!)
with the Jordans mounted in big back-loaded horns.

Very very nice......

Project to follow in a week or so, collaborating with Dana Kruse.


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