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macka 5th June 2003 01:53 PM

(x) (x) = N_p
Hi everyone,

Well I am certainly not the first to surface a new X ALEPH on the forum but I feel all should be shared.

At last the parts arrived (transformers), so carefully everthying was checked and re checked, On goes the switch oowee no smoke.

Technically all has been said in other threads, this one has 13.4 Dcv on the rails using the original shematics with 2 pairs of IRF240's a side, the bias reads about 0.5 volts across the 0.22 ohms resisters, hot enough says I with a wink.

I have a few milli volts of offset and less then 200mill volts absolute offsett....I mean who seem to be erroding with warm up like Mr Pass says..

Okay. The lounge rooms looks like a mad scientist's picnic but wow!!Having dragged a bunch of wires, castings and big R/S into the listening domain it looks like CPO3 mixed up.

Using the recently modified X BOSOZ, the sound would appear be from the works of Mr Pass in the AX Pdf. There is no point beating around the bush, its that good.

The baby X Aleph had no problems at all man handling the Greg Timbers (JBL legend) 4345 JBL design with easy. The bass was a real surprise, it rendered space and timbre with accute accuracy and power. The vocals appear to be more visable to the eye and ear and all is revealed in the mix. The Micro dynamic resolve and instrumental clarity is spine tingling via the super 10 inch 2122 mid cone.

I find this quite exciting, at last an amp (a system) that allows you to view the portrait as is....... face on the canvas.

And I can see the peanut butter & chocolate from here.

Where do I go from oh my.

Thankyou everyone for this forum and especially Mr Pass.



pinkmouse 5th June 2003 01:59 PM

Come on macka, don't tease, where are the pics?;)

Taco 5th June 2003 02:16 PM

Did you change r12 and r34 to set the current gain to ~50% ? Because you are using irfp240.

And the big question is, what are you doing with your other Pass :D.

/Taco still waiting for his trannies.

macka 5th June 2003 02:25 PM

Hey you lot,

Give me a go........I'm still listening..James Morrison at the moment.....stuff the current share for the moment..........I don't care right now.....zonk. Just eat my ears bab.

Let me show you soon....the new woman in my life.....she will just blow you away...really!!! Trust me....Muhhahahahaha

We're just getting to know each other on first name basis.

So cool it lot.


Edwin Dorre 5th June 2003 02:42 PM


Great looking amp! ;)


P.S. How is your absolute DC offset going? Does it stabilize after some while (hours)?

macka 5th June 2003 02:56 PM

Hi Edwin,


The absolute offset would appear to be declining, about 200mv in full fight. I'll look at the current share tomorrow.

Mind you I have not seriously tweeked anything. Just balanced her and a quick null on the central diff pair..... I'm more concerned about 30 watts per device, but I trust IRF @ 60 C.

Andrea...The Corrs on at the moment...getting physical.

The X Aleph appears to have uncanny spead of sound stage and limitless depth. Ouch she just pinched my bum.


carpenter 5th June 2003 03:08 PM

I knew it....
With the gear you're running, I just knew this amp was going to blow your mind!

Happy trails.........:up:

John Inlow

macka 5th June 2003 03:19 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Some subjective view before the neighbours crack it,

The A Aleph appears to hightlight tranisents very well,

Any percussive sounds...Caroline's drum kit...its so real you can fell the snap of the snare, the crack of the kick.... its in the room surrrrrrrrrrrreal.

And Where are those 18 inch woofers.........they disppeared...the distinction between felt and heard bass is like a tremor and shock wave.

The the harder I push the better she performs without effort.

Ian:cool: '

Heres a snippet of the board in progress...this is all John Inlow's handy work.

macka 5th June 2003 03:30 PM

2 Attachment(s)

Thanks for your response and sharing.

Enjoy...........and thanks Greg Timbers for the delivery...

Greg Timbers was kind enough to provide detailed technical information and guidance on the tuning of my JBL 4345 heritage project. This is a stunning speaker system.... a masterpiece acoustic engineering.


Greg Timbers - Chief Development Engineer for Harman Consumer

macka 5th June 2003 03:50 PM

2 Attachment(s)
The JBL 4345 for those unfamilair...

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