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thylantyr 2nd June 2003 08:12 PM

Parallel Amplifiers ?
I never researched this topic, perhaps you can shed
some light. Reading the X1000 literature, it says you
can direct couple the output of many X1000's to increase

How is this done? just connect alll POS & NEG speaker terminals
in parallel, feed identical inputs into all RCA inputs?

Is this configuration unique for all the all passlabs
amps or can any amplifier do this or is it limited to
certain amplifier class types?

Netlist 2nd June 2003 08:28 PM

Part of PassLabs Owner's manual.:

"The chassis of the X1000 is connected to the earth ground through the power cord. This is the only thing it connects to. It is not attached to the circuit or to the amplifier signal ground. This is essential to operating the amplifiers in series or parallel configurations. The X600 and X350 have their circuit grounds attached to the chassis in the conventional manner.
Under no circumstances should you defeat the ground connection of the power cord. For your
safety, the chassis of the amplifier should be earth grounded. We arenít kidding.
Series or parallel operation of X1000 amplifiers requires an interface adapter that is essential
for such operation. Do not attempt to operate the X1000 in series or parallel without this interface."

/Hugo - would like to see what's inside that "interface" :cool: ;)

audionut 2nd June 2003 08:45 PM

I have parralleled aleph 3 clone amps together with good results...nelson in previous posts has said that the alephs can be parralleled...reducing distortion a bit and increasing drive into low impedance loads.

The sound becomes a little more "effortless" and warmer. You can go to the higher volume levels and the music doesn't loose "listenability" especially on big orchestral passages.

mwmkravchenko 6th June 2003 01:42 AM

Are you refering to providing two amps with the same feed and then hooking up the two to the same channel?
Could work and could blow up both the amps and the loudspeakers.
Howd you do it friend?:scratch:


AudioFreak 6th June 2003 02:11 AM


Originally posted by Netlist
/Hugo - would like to see what's inside that "interface" :cool: ;)
I believe it's more or less just a bunch of isolation transformers one per output to float the input to each amp. There was a thread I started quite some time ago about using the X1000's in series/parallel and from what I received from Nelson it seems that once the "interface" is in place all the outputs can be paralleled / stacked to achieve very high power into just about any load. The interesting point that was raised in that thread is that if amplifier outputs are stacked and they do not have perfect time domain synchronicity you'll start to see effects that *may* get into the audible range. To my knowledge, this kind of scheme is unique to the X1000.

thylantyr 6th June 2003 06:13 AM

The reason I ask is... inquiry minds
want to know how the new JBL/Crown
car amp does the feat of parallel
channels (two channel amp)

second paragraph.

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