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vsr123 21st May 2003 12:11 AM

Foreplay Line Stage Pre-amp
Hi all
I am looking for a pre-amp to go with an Aleph 3 and was wondering if anyone has any experience with the 'Foreplay' or "Anticipation' pre-amp kit ? I guess the BOSOZ will go very nicely with the ALeph 3 based on what I read, but this kit seems much simpler to build.

Any opinions on this or another pre-amp kit that I could use to pair well with the Aleph?


moe29 21st May 2003 01:46 AM

I'm going to assume that this would be your first DIY audio
project (if it's not, forgive me). I would reccomend building the
Foreplay. The kit comes with everything you need for a finished
product and is well documented. Plus you have the Bottlehead
Forum to ask questions in, and they are a bunch of nice guys too.

The Foreplay will feed the Aleph 3 nicely. I've built the kit and it
works well.

NOW, if you are willing to work a bit harder the BLZS (BOSOZ) is
an excellent pre amp, is well documented, and you have this
wonderful forum for Q's and A's. BUT you're going to have to work
harder. Collect all the parts, etch your own PCBs, build your own
chasis, etc.

The BLZS sounds great with an Aleph 3 (happens to be my setup).

In the end i don't think you could go wrong with either choice. Just
decide which project matches your abilities and go for it. Build
both! (it's always nice to have a bedroom system!) I wish this
forum had been around when i tried building the Bride of Zen
around 5 years a go. I failed at that attempt. Started building kits
because they were more my level. Found this place and finally
finished a project (BLZS) with the help of this forum! Just read
and read and read some more and you will learn.

good luck,


vsr123 21st May 2003 02:04 AM

Well I am a newbie at DIY but not a begginer :-) I have put the Aleph 3 together (still need to get the chassis together though) and was wondering which pre-amp it would pair well with. Also what is the approx cost of the BOSOZ? - without the chassis and PCBs?

I also asked about the foreplay as someone on the bottlehead forum said it paired well with the zen compared to the Aleph pre-amp! and also as you said the BOSOZ is more complex comparitively, however if I can afford it I might build both as you suggested and see for myself


moe29 21st May 2003 03:23 AM

more info is always a good thing!

If you could handle building an Aleph 3 than you'll have no
problem with the BZLS. I etched my own PCB's no problem,
just use the line art from the article.

Without looking at my DIGI KEY reciepts i know the BZLS will
be a bit more expensive. To get an idea just print out the parts
list and go on Digi-Key and key in an order. I used 2 of the
Avel Lindberg transformers.... i think about $60 bucks right there.
Volume pots can get expensive. You can go from cheap to ultra
expensive right there. Good balanced pots can cost more than
the Foreplay alone.

Overall though i like the BLZS more. I think it's really cool how
flexible it is and the amount of control built in to it.

sorry if this is info overload. You have the skill to put a BLZS
together, you just have to see if it matches your budget.


Magnetmaz 21st May 2003 03:30 PM

I've had a lot of fun with my Foreplay..and it sounds really nice. I'm awaiting delivery on my Seduction phono stage now.


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