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Nelson Pass 20th October 2008 06:47 PM

Burning Amps
At the Burning Amp Festival yesterday, we gave away a batch of semi-built
DIY amplifiers which featured Chassis, connectors, transformers, caps,
and stuffed output stages. All had connections supporting stereo operation.

Most of them were Mosfets arranged either as complementary parallel
sets or as all N channel sets.

As we gave them away, it was clear that people were going to need some

I mean you, Variac.

So I'm starting this thread to get a couple of designs together that
can be put together easily. I figure that some F4 type follower systems
will be the easiest, although there's no reason that we can't explore other

If you got one of these honeys, or if you want to just follow along, watch
this space.


Gyuri 20th October 2008 07:11 PM

Excellent thought!

If only I could have been there.
Yet if I do not understand the whole one too much.
But I could have been between peoples outstanding at least.


FastEddy 20th October 2008 07:36 PM

Praising your unbelievable generosity for allowing us all at Burning Amp to carry off these bargains, I did have a question about swapping out the included transformer (25+25) in #26 on your list for one of higher voltage (50+50) and higher wattage. My purpose is to use your glamorous chassis for a dual channel, higher wattage line amp using an alternate supplier's amp modules. :smash:

BTW to All: If possible find a way to attend next years Burning Amp Fest ... even if the goody pile is small, the presentations will be many and the crowds bigger and more feisty than ever. :D

(My BS is Physics as well, also from the UC system, but I haven't really found the time to teach .... too busy making money.)

preiter 20th October 2008 09:01 PM


I took home one of these and I'll need lots of help for sure. The only amplifier I have ever built is a chipamp kit.

Mine came with complementary bipolar outputs. My first step was going to be to figure out the circuit that's already installed and diagram it, then go looking for a suitable input stage.

I don't need a lot of power, 10 watts would be enough. I definitely want to be biased into Class A and I would like to have balanced inputs.

GRollins 20th October 2008 09:12 PM

I gather these were just output stages needing front ends?


Vix 20th October 2008 09:34 PM

I don't want to suggest a retrograde step, but it seems that there are enough components for the SoZ! :D

Now don't say it was not a good amp...:clown: :devilr: :cool:

berndt 20th October 2008 11:46 PM

I've got #28 and #35
One says bipolar and one says mosfet.
Iv'e been running tubes for a while and look forward to a solid state project.
Thanks again, Bill Berndt

Nelson Pass 20th October 2008 11:52 PM

You will want the Mosfets. You can replace them after you decide
whether you want to go complementary or all N channel.

FastEddy 21st October 2008 12:48 AM

We should not impose on Nelson to too great an extent ... probably could use this link (diyAudio Forums > Top >Amplifiers >Pass Labs >Burning Amps) as our touch stone for tech support, parts swaps, glad handing, etc. etc ...

So, anyone want to swap transformers? I have a UPS account ... I will be sweetening any deal with the MOSFETs and boards from my box ... :D

Wavebourn 21st October 2008 01:47 AM

Some MOSFETs....

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