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louischia 6th February 2003 05:50 PM

PCB layout of audio controller with PGA2310
I'm planning to build a volume control with input selector into an individual casing including PS with remote control. Does anyone have PCB layout of it preferably with a PGA2310 IC? Or any diy kits recomended?

I've found this link which looks like what I'm refering to but a bit "advanced".

As I'm quite a beginner in electronics (only diyed some flashing leds & a 70w mosfet amp) I really need some help here. Maybe someone can provide me a partlist and pcb layout? :rolleyes:

ideal specs.:

- using PGA2310
- 2 channel
- 4~6 input selection
- volume control with rotary encoder
- mute
- RF remote control
- individual pcb for each function(modular concept)

Thanks in advanced

Updates on my Aleph 2: Still sorting for parts. Pcb layout done on graph paper. Still learning how to use CircuitMaker 2000 and trying to transfer my layout to TraxMaker. Anyone know how to take off the values of components after inserted into TraxMaker? I don't wish the component values to be printed together with the footprints. Or I should start another thread on this? :idea:

ElectroNick 6th February 2003 08:30 PM

RF remote :confused:
Why not an IR remote. I thinking of such a device to...


ps look for Jens in this forum, he built a volume control with rotary encoder + PCB's

louischia 7th February 2003 05:50 PM

Looks like Jens is not using PGA2310. Digital is a total alien to me... so the microcontroller is the part that I need help most. Is there any drop-ins that can replace it? I'm hoping that some kind-hearted ones can provide me or point a link to a simpler schematic that looks like this but with a PGA2310 and maybe a pre-programmed controller. :cool:

As mentioned before:

- PGA2310
- 2 channels
- 4 inputs
- mute
- digital encoder

To make things easier and simpler for me to understand:rolleyes:, forget about the remote 1st (maybe input selection and digital encoder too). Just leave space for them or in another schematic will be nice.:D something like this
btw is this (above link) the easiest way to use a digital encoder with PGA2310 and its controller?:confused:

Looks like my threads are only questions and problems that need help and not contributing any knowledge to the forum...:( hopefully replys to my thread will bring some knowledgeable information to some people out there like me.:goodbad:
A million thanks to all and
I've learn alot here!:nod:

till 31st March 2003 10:33 AM

is your project going on? did you think about using a PIC for controlling the PGA and relais?

louischia 2nd April 2003 10:32 AM

hi till
to use a PIC is wat i intend to do but im an alien to digital u see...:( so r u interested in the PGA2310 too? we can do it together!:cool:
currently im buliding an Aleph2. so tis controller is left untouched but if u r interested we can work something out.;)

till 2nd April 2003 01:00 PM

I am interested!
Im not really into assembler, but i played around with some PICs and i think it should be possible. Im sure there are some people out whio already made programms fpr Pics controlling the PGA, maybe someone is willing to share the code so we could learn from his work.

What i did until no is: got some PGA2310 and 2311 as sample, got about 20Pics as samples, built a programmer for the PICs, build a experimental board for PIC16F876, connect the rotary encoder and a LCD to the pic. I bought very cheap 20 of these:
and some 2*16LCD for 7 each.

Would be fine to use a fluorecence display, but i dont know how to glue it to the PIC:

I want to built it so that PGA2310 or a relais board could be used alternatively.

mhennessy 2nd April 2003 05:02 PM


You might have already seen it, but I wonder if the info on my site might be of interest?

Good luck,

Mark :)

till 2nd April 2003 05:09 PM

Hey Mark,
of corse i know you site. I check it frequently because :


This might change at some point in the future... Eventually I'll get a chance to work on the programming guide in the PIC section of this site. When that happens, a lot of the routines that I have written for this project will be detailed there (things like time delays, LCD stuff - writing words, scrolling text, defining UDC's, making bargraphs, etc)
i hope your pic section starts growing and i will be able to understand the code for the pic.

mhennessy 2nd April 2003 06:54 PM


i hope your pic section starts growing and i will be able to understand the code for the pic.
It's on my to-do list, I promise ;)

sayang001 2nd April 2003 09:20 PM


I've found this link which looks like what I'm refering to but a bit "advanced".
Already send an email to the guy from that website, he sells pre-programmed pics for 15 Euro, but doesn't have PCB's .

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