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locky_z 21st August 2006 07:28 AM

intelligent semiconductor characteristic curve instrument
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I'm doing My Project is "Computer semiconductor characteristic curve" (My english is bad.So Just Show the test result.)

My project link(China) is

This instrument can test MOSFET / JFET / transistor / diode / SCR / resistance....

It can display the
1."Ic->Hfe" curve
Example 2SA733(PNP) "Ic->Hfe" curve:
and 2SA1386's "Ic->Hfe" curve:

2."Vbe(Vgs)->Ic(Id)" curve
example MTH15N20 "Vgs)->Id" curve

2SK246 Vgs->Id curve

3."Vce(Vds)->Ic(Id)" curve
example 2SC3519's "Vce(Vds)->Ic(Id)" curve

IRF9610 "Vds->Id" curve

4. 3-Terminal Regulator's Vi-Vo curve
Example 78L05

The Project use to matching Devices is very excellent
this pict show how to match 9 pair 2SK246s,It Test 9 2SK246s and Show their Vgs-Id curve
from the pict,you can see the 4 & 6 curve is match, and the 2 & 5
is match.
By this way ,you can match device precision.

The project use 5 integrate circuit, They's:
1 chip LTC1090(8 channel 10Bit ADC with SPI interface)
1 chip M62359 (8 channel 8 Bit DAC with SPI interface)
3 chips TDA2030 as 3 channels(B C E) programme Push-Pull Power Supply
1 chip 74HC595 as control relay
1 chip TC4050 with PC interface buffer

the instrument don't use MCU,just use PC's parallel port (LPT) to controle the DAC & ADC

john curl 24th August 2006 01:29 AM

Looks interesting.

jacco vermeulen 24th August 2006 09:11 AM


the link you posted to does not work.
Can you post the link again ?

Are you willing to share the design, free or selling it ?

(you guys should install the Chinese language into your operating system, lots of great stuff on, including top parts)

locky_z 27th August 2006 08:03 AM

the result is here

the sch public here

but software is shareware.

I have a little LTC1090 & M62359 chips, just only enought to develope and use for me.
So the board is not sell.

jacco vermeulen 27th August 2006 09:28 PM


Originally posted by locky_z
but software is shareware.
There is a ready made curve tracer software package ?
Not written in G or LabTracer ?

locky_z 11th July 2007 08:25 AM

DIY Semiconductor Intelligent Characteristic Curve
the Circuit
Measurement of the curve, including :
BJT (including Optocoupler) :
PNP NPN of Hfe->Ic curve (measurement of the curve is in constant Vce conditions)
PNP NPN of Vbe->Ic curve (measurement of the curve is in constant Vce conditions)
PNP NPN Vce->Ic curve (constant Ib)
P-type or N-type MOSFET and JFET :
Vgs - Id curve (under the conditions of constant Vds)
Vds - Id curve (under the conditions of constant Vgs)
Diodes / Regulators diode / LED positive, reverse curve
positive and negative 3-Terminal voltage regulator IC:
Input voltage->output voltage characteristic curve
Output voltage->current characteristic curve liabilities
also capable of measuring SCR trigger current, voltage trigger, pressure drop, maintain current parameters (not curve)

Below are the same measurement a 2SC3519 high-power BJT curve
Ic = 300-1800mA scope of Hfe ->Ic curve
the IC=20-300mA scope of Hfe - Ic curve
Ic=2-30mA scope of Hfe - Ic curve
Ic=0.5-3mA scope of Hfe - Ic curve
Ic = 50-700uA scope of Hfe - Ic curve

The same 2SC3519 of Vbe-IC characteristic curve
Ic = 100-1900mA
Ic = 5-160mA
Ic = 0.3-14mA
Ic = 10uA - 1mA

Just look again at the output characteristic curve Vce->Ic
Ib constant measurement, Ib = 1-9mA
Ib = 0.1-1mA
Ib = 10uA - 100uA
Ib = 1uA - 10uA

locky_z 11th July 2007 08:26 AM

Below are the same screen shows 12 pic 2SA1386 of Hfe - Ic characteristic curve and Vbe-Ic curve and Vce - Ic curve

By the same measurement conditions , you can show more Semiconductor's curve on same screen.
From the screen ,you can match the most matching Semiconductor

Below is the measurement IRFI740 Vgs from 3V to 3.9V step 0.1V. measuring the Vds - Id characteristic curv
Below are the same measurement of the Vgs-curve Id (Id = 0-1700mA)
Vgs-curve Id (Id = 0-25mA)
Id = 0-1mA

Measurement of P-MOS IRF9630 the Vgs->Id curve

Measuring diode in a variety of different current of VF characteristics (1N5401 BYV32 FR305 1N4 001 MBR3060 1N4148)

Measuring 6 V Regulators diode positive / negative characteristic curve

locky_z 11th July 2007 08:37 AM

At the same screen to display the JFET's Vgs->Id and Vds->Id characteristic curve (2SK 373GR)

Let's look at different suffix of 2SK246 the Vgs->Id curve (GR and Y suffix)

Exchange the same 2SK246's D, S pin and measurement they Vgs->ID curve

The system also is a characteristic of different polarity to contrast the characteristics of the tubes, For example, the following is the system provides functional polarity reversal and contrast 2SK246GR and 2SJ103GR the Vgs->ID characteristics curve

Cliff Schuring 12th September 2008 01:54 AM

Curve Tracer
Does anyone know of any active links for Lock_Z DIY curve tracer and software. This project looks like a cool unit for using at home with out all the major expenses of obtaining a curve tracer from E-Bay. If not does any one know of a project using a USB measurement unit-( the cheaper ones) for doing this with say relays on the digital control ports.

locky_z 17th September 2008 03:40 AM

2 Attachment(s)
The schematic had changed a little,see below.

the software can download from

It is Chinese language version , only support one curve trace.

the board no MCU so it not support USB interface,only support LPT interface

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