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ar2012 8th June 2006 10:32 AM

Digital equalizer - TAS3103
I intend to do a digital equalizer based on TAS3103 to put between my CD and my amplifier (which include a digital to analog converter).

I got samples and PC GUI (which seems to work fine: I have been able to generate coefficients).

As i work at Atmel, i plan to use an AVR starter kit between the PC and the equalizer board to parameter the registers (i plan to have an EEPROM on the board to store the parameters).

I plan to use only RCA input/Output.

TI evaluation board schematics are too complex, and i am looking for a simplier one with the minimum components to do the job.

Does anyone can help me ?

Thanks in advance.

vzoltan 17th June 2006 05:12 PM

I'm also interested in a project with this chip, but I didn't find too much information... I was wondering, did anybody build a circuit based on TAS3103, and could post here some advice and best practice infos? Thanx in advance. I think, ar2012 would also appreciate it!

Kay 19th September 2006 10:01 PM

I'm very interested.

How can I find the PC GUI?

FastEddy 19th September 2006 10:20 PM

click away ...
... this link:

I like these app notes:


Kay 19th September 2006 10:51 PM

I understand,
the GUI is part of the eval,
but I can't spend 799$ for this!


ar2012 20th September 2006 01:33 PM

I ve got the GUY by someoneelse.
but the file is too big to be posted here.
Please send me an e-mail at the following adress:
I will send you the files.

I am still looking for someone who would be able to design a PCB.
It looks too difficult for me.

Then i can help with samples of EEPROM, board to connect to the PC (I suggest ATMEL USBkey) and programmation of this board.
I also got 6 samples of TAS3103.


Kay 20th September 2006 03:14 PM

Hello Arnaud,

for the pcb-layout I'm the right.
I'm working as professional pcb-designer since twenty years, but ...
I have - always - special ideas!

So for prototyping, I design often small modules with only the
necessary parts on this module. So I can modify the construction
without stress.
The modules are plugged in connectors of a "Lochraster-Board".
(In this moment I don't remember the english word for this).
Later it's possible to design a complette board.

It's a really good idea to plan an USB-Interface.
So, for me this is not interesting to controll the Atmel
without PC. He should have only some predefined adjustment
for the TAS3103. It must be possible to do this without a
special USB-Controller
(refer to a remote interface for HometheaterPCs, but this program
is done in assembler)

ar2012 21st September 2006 03:12 PM

Hello Kay,

My idea was to put an EEPROM on the TAS31003 board to store all parameters as described on TI schematics with jumpers between the EEPROM and TAS3103.

I propose to program the EEPROM trough the Atmel "USB key":

programmation would be quite simple:
It is easy to download a file in the microcontroller EEPROM with an existing Atmel PC software called "FLIP" and run a small firmware (that i have to develop) to transfer it to the EEPROM of the TAS3103 board.

Then the TAS3103 board could work in stand alone mode.

Is it ok for you ?


Kay 21st September 2006 05:25 PM

Hello Arnaud,

>Then the TAS3103 board could work in stand alone mode.

It's really true?
You don't need a Atmel to take something from the EEPROM
to the TAS3103?
(I don't believe!)

But, for me it's all ok.
Give me a circuit and I do the PCB-design.

Do you get my mail?

ar2012 22nd September 2006 12:47 PM

Hello Kay,

Correct, the board can work in stand alone.
The TAS3103 download the parameters from the EEPROM after start up.

I let you work on the PCB.
I will work on the firmware to download a file in the EEPROM and look again at the ALE GUY.

Fyi, in complement to what i explain at the beginning, my purpose is to compensate 1 way speakers based on Fostex FE168EZ.
According to people who have done such speakers, even without equalization, it is very very good so with a small comensation ... i expect to have something great.

In my case, for a simple implementation, input and output should be RCA.

What about you ?


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