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cowanrg 16th October 2002 03:01 AM

terminal blocks
this sounds like an easy question, but its not actually.

this is what im looking for, and have yet to find it. i have already looked on mouse, digikey, and newark.

im looking for a terminal block that looks like A, B, D, E, or F at this link:

sounds simple enough. but here is where it gets tricky. i need 7.5mm pin spacing. its a standard width, but no one seems to carry them. mouser does, on the next page in fact, BUT, they are only up to 3 positions, and i need a 4 position.

so what i need is a terminal block, similar to what you see on that page (just a plain single post screw block) with pin spacing at 7.5mm and 4 position.

secondly, i need basically the same thing, only in a single position. this can really be anything. im looking for a way to connect a single wire (from power supply) to the board, so it can be easily removed for service or whatever... basically im wanting the boards to all be modular, so there are no wires soldered to them, they are all just screwed on. but the terminals are apart, so a single wire connects. so is there a "thing" that will mount on the PCB that will allow a single wire to be screwed, connected, somehow other than soldering permanently? (kinda like one of those terminal blocks, but 1 position?)

thanks guys!

cowanrg 21st October 2002 02:06 AM


BrianGT 21st October 2002 04:28 AM

why can't you use two 2 position terminal blocks for this application... They all fit together to make bigger ones.


rendisha 21st October 2002 04:45 AM

Allied has them

check out at Allied

Stock No. 924-0251
Mfr. type 977-T-DS-/02
Shown on this page

They are on the bottom of the page, 2 poles but 7.5 mm spacing, and that's what's most important.

cowanrg 21st October 2002 06:04 AM

great, thanks!

i was really having a hard time finding that... mouser, digikey, etc... NO ONE had it. didnt even know of allied.

i think thats pretty much all the part hunting i need. so, soon i should be posting some construction pics for the aleph theatre. gonna start sorting out parts tomorrow. next week the soldering and testing begins!

Anorgan 12th August 2003 11:32 PM

What impact those terminals have on the sound ?

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