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fortuosity 16th September 2005 01:34 PM

Opinions on salvage parts
Ok , just wanting to see what the general opinions are here of using salvaged parts in projects .Examples might be , heatsinks , power supplys or internal parts of such , caps , switches so on and so forth .The reason I ask is I've been offered the opportunity to salvage whatever I can or want to from about 4 or 5 pallett loads of used computers , printers ,tvs , vcrs , overhead projectors , backup power supplys ,etc. So wanted to see what if anything would be worth the time to remove to either use or that would have a resell value to help support this diy hobby. Just thought this section of the list might be the place to ask with the "what are and where to get and how to make "
might be on my way to prove wrong the theory that the only dumb questions are those that are never asked.

dnsey 16th September 2005 01:36 PM

Depends on how much storage space you have:D
I usually take the lot and stockpile it, as I never know what might come in useful, but I do have trouble shutting the door of that building:xeye:

Magura 16th September 2005 01:48 PM

Backup PSU's usually cosists of some nice big caps of good quality. Besides that you may find big film caps and a load of mosfets. To salvage active devices could be argued, as they may be damaged in some way, but caps are expensive and easy to check.

Magura :)

fortuosity 16th September 2005 01:54 PM

The bad thing is I have to take out what I want / need not the whole lot or whole item .In other words I can take out any part of say a computer , power supply whatever just as long as the computer shell with serial # and such are left to be sent to the recycling center to be disposed of properly *enviromental regulations* gotta be able to show that with things like monitors the crts were not just tossed in a dump, but can pull anything out of it except the crt , pulled 2 caps out of 1 to use to replace a bad ones in a guitar amp.Thats why I'm asking for specific parts that would be worth saving .

BWRX 17th September 2005 12:41 AM

they can be a real pain to remove or get to, but i collect the heatsinks, silpads, and toroidal transformer cores from old psu power supplies. there are also a bunch of transformers, inductors, and large caps in backup psu's. of course the electronics parts vary... it's usually not worth it (time and effort wise) to desolder resistors and diodes.

ghudnub 17th September 2005 07:17 AM

Sounds like a bonanza to me.

I bought about 20 Jensen amps (boards only) a couple years ago for less than $5 each. Each board contains a pair of IRFZ40's, 10 IRF540's, a positive and a negative 15 volt regulator, a SMPS toroid, filter, RCA's, caps.

In short, each amp has saved me a bunch of cash over new parts. I build Rockford Fosgate Power 300's as a hobby, and these boards supply a ton of the high dollar parts for next to nothing.

mzzj 17th September 2005 02:06 PM

Generally i look only for toroidal transformers , heatsinks and big filter caps as these can be a major part of expenses building something(amps). And they are very universal use :) I also keep all nice housings and cases, especially modular 19" rack stuff.
Then i also rip boards that have plenty of similar components, ie 10pcs identical AT supplies so i rip ferrites and iron toroids from them+ IEC power connectors. Easier when i have plenty of identical parts so that i can put them in AL=500 box and dont need to measure every iron toroid separately.

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