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Audist 25th January 2005 12:30 AM

Mundorf capacitors difference
Hi all,

I have quastion about Mundorf capacitors.
Anybody try the M-Cap Supreme series Vs M-Cap Supreme Silver/Oil and the M-Cap Supreme Silver/Gold?

The difference in price is very big, and is really worthy for the price?

Anybody try it?


Ron E 25th January 2005 01:08 AM

These things appeal to those who must have the best, regardless of cost. They are all about fashion and very little about sound. If you find you are that type of person, they may be worth it to you.

My thoughts on caps:
Bad electrolytics are bad , good ones are decent, but will change over time. Mylars are quite good, and from a cost/benefit on crossover circuits you are not getting much for your money when you get better than Mylar. Polypropylene are better than Mylar, but not 2-10 times as good as the price would lead you to believe. Above polypropylene there exist the level of "flooby dust" capacitors you are asking about. If someone spends much more for their crossover than for the drivers, they aren't putting their money in the place that will get them the best sound.

Brushpilot 25th January 2005 04:18 PM

I'm awaiting the arrival of the AudioCap Theta Film and Kimber Kap capacitors I just ordered over the weekend for the Lyra 3-way I'm building ( using Dayton drivers ). I think both of those brands of caps use a generic form of "Flooby dust", being only about half the price of the Mundorfs. Still, the crossover components total more than the drivers. But I've heard so many reviewers praise the more expensive caps over the $2 a piece brands. And many people say that the crossover is the heart and soul of a good system--- even the most expensive drivers are nothing without a quality crossover.
Hmmmmmmm, hope I'm not wasting my money on bogus Flooby. Only time will tell. :xeye:

Bas Horneman 25th January 2005 05:37 PM


Above polypropylene there exist the level of "flooby dust"
What about tin foils?

I bought some Mundorf silver in oil from someone who did not care for them...I tried them out and in my mid fi setup....I could not hear a difference (same value ..normal polyprop cap).

Pan 25th January 2005 08:19 PM

Hi Ron!

"These things appeal to those who must have the best, regardless of cost. They are all about fashion and very little about sound."

Or maybe the other way around... itīs ALL about the sound no matter the cost. :)

Caps are not just the material, itīs how they are wind and made. Given enough resolving capacity of the set up there are audible differences between decent PP caps.

Though Iīm surprised I jumped into yet another discussion about this silly topic. ;)

Itīs not the first thing to worry about though for 90% of hifi buffs.


Pan 25th January 2005 08:21 PM


"What about tin foils?"

Some believe that tin due to itīs mechanical properties makes for a more stable cap and that would lead to less noise from the cap. I think this and dielectric absorbtion are the major casues for the sonic differences between caps.


Audist 26th January 2005 11:29 AM

Thanks for your reply, more reply have welcome.

I know that Audio Note UK say "the crossover component is the heart".

I ask Mr. Raimund Mundorf about the cap's and he reply to me:
"The Supreme is much more rich on details and informations then a mcap or a Solen our MusiCap.....
This is caused by the speciall non-inductive winding.
The silver in the silver/oil causes more different "colours". The typical character of instruments are more individuell and the oil makes the sound more smooth and "nice".
The silver/gold is the most honest cap. This cap provides all details and colours, but if you use a tweeter which is a little harsh or the signal source is not will hear it!"

I believe to Mr. Raimund Mundorf but Anybody try it?

N.B, I use with the best woofers and tweeters that I can buy and find in speakers of above 12000$.

bambadoo 26th January 2005 01:20 PM

I have not tested the silver/oil in XO's, but I have tested tme as output caps in an audio note dac. The supremes silver smoked my former Audio Note Copper Pio caps.
Great caps.

JohanH 26th January 2005 02:02 PM

I found this link

Hope this helps,


Geenius 27th January 2005 10:00 AM

Re: I found this link
At the moment I am testing some Mundorf Silver/Gold cap's and the results so far are very pleasing.:cool:

Buying the most expensive components won't guarantee the best loudspeaker, its the way everything matches together - to get the balance that pleases you most, flavour your recipe accordingly. The crossover is the heart of evey speaker but as with most things in life the quality gain has a linear scale, the corresponding price scale is exponential.

What gives more pleasure: a pair of nice cap's of 10 new cd's?

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