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forethumbs 17th September 2004 06:02 PM

Sony 5-disk palyer wont read.
I recently read several threads on sony pickuk units. My palyer has a kss-240a. Originally the unit would not read a CD. The lens would come up and drop right a way as if no cd was there. So I assumed that the unit was dead. I replaced with oem new unit. Now the lens comes up the cd spins for awhiel as if it's trying but nothing happens and the carasel shifts. Ultimately i ge the no disk error.
Iread that the units are sort of plug and play so I have not done anything other remove the ribbon cable from the old one and plugged the new one in. Any ideas?

Netlist 17th September 2004 07:13 PM

Could you give us the type number?

Also, a KSS240 comes with a solderbridge on the small PCB that should be removed.
But then IIRC the laser light would stay dim if not removed.

A warm welcome to the forum, forethumbs.

/Hugo ;)

forethumbs 17th September 2004 07:41 PM

It's a sony cdp-c225. The laser unit is a kss-240a. I'm sorry I'm new to fixing audio equipment. I fix PCs. Just tired of throwing out audio units when they don't work any more.

What do you mean a solder bridge? where is this located. Do you have a picture?

Netlist 17th September 2004 08:01 PM

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This is not a picture of KSS240a but you can clearly see the removed solderbridge at the bottom of the PCB.
The flex cable attached to the laserunit is a very week point.
Better replace it, I had the strangest possible errors with faulty ones.
I know, you take it out and it looks brand new but it can be broken.
Part. Nr.: 169400311

Good luck

/Hugo :)

forethumbs 17th September 2004 09:27 PM

Bare with me here. I don't see any solder bridges on my unit. I compared it to the old and the solder points are exactly the same. The ribbon that was attached to it had e66085 printed on it. Is this the part you are referring to?. Is there a way to test the ribbon before I order a new one?.

Is there anyhting special I need to do to when putting in the new unit? I basically reomed the cd tray. removed the sled ( sitting on springs) and then pushed out the silver rod.

Netlist 18th September 2004 07:27 AM

I could be wrong about the solderbridge. If the KSS240a comes without don't worry about it.
The ribbon cable is often a problem and no, mostly it looks perfect, you can't measure it, I almost always just replace it.
I'm not sure if you can see the laser light up when you close the tray?
Make sure you remove the metal guide and clean it well. Lubricate with a tiny drop of oil.
And finally, the spindle motor could be faulty :bigeyes:

/Hugo :)

forethumbs 2nd October 2004 10:19 PM

problems w sony cdp-c225
I tested the optic head in the unit by using a video camera. You can see the laser active and see the lens come up but it still will not read CDs.

I took out the ribbon cable and tested for a broken link and it ohmed out OK.

Someone mentioned that the spindle motor could be bad. Can this be replaced easily? It looks like it is soldered to the sled board. Can you replace the whole sled.

Any help would be appreciated.:bawling:

crippledchicken 5th October 2004 10:47 PM hi, have you ever been to this link? it helped me. might be worth a check if, you haven't already. :)

tenderland 5th October 2004 11:11 PM

i belive It could be 1 of three things

1) the height of the spindle motor is incorect this will cause the beam not to be focused properly
2) The flrex cable that goes from the pu assembly (motors & pu ) to the main board is bad . you can check it by moving it while cd is trying to read.
3) mushroom cloud----- bad servo ic

The motor is easy to replace ,you have to take out the assy and desolder the board that goes from the spindle motor to the sled motor. The height of the platter needs to be measured (assuming it is correct now), then remove the platter and remove 2 screws that hold the motor in . try pushing the cd along when it tries to read ,this my confirm sp motor if it reads . also make sure the sled (pu) moves freely


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