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wytco0 17th September 2004 05:38 PM

PCB Relay for ESP soft start board
I have just bought one of Rod's esp soft start boards for use with my new power amp.

I thought the relays needed would be readily available in the UK but I cant find them anywhere, and the only google refernces I can find are in Australia.

Does anyone know where I can get them in the UK or europe, or if not a pin compatible alternate?

The following is Rods description of the part needed :-

The ones I designed for are marked FRM1-1C1, and have a 12V DC coil, and SPDT contacts rated at 10A.

This style of relay is readily available from many different suppliers, and has a "universal" footprint. Because I don't believe for an instant that the footprint is universal, I have shown the dimensions and pinout below.

Dimensions of "1 Form C" Relay

"1 Form C" refers to the contact arrangement, and not the form factor of the relay base, but there is a good chance that many (or even most) PCB style 1 Form C relays will fit the board. "1" means one set of contacts, and Form C means they operate in changeover (Single Pole Double Throw - SPDT)

richie00boy 17th September 2004 06:18 PM

RS 198-6977 should do it, but if you don't have enough holes in the board try 198-6933. Farnell do one as well, but I don't have the part number to hand.

wytco0 18th September 2004 11:43 AM

I had seen them on RS but I didnt think that the specs matched those given by Rod, I think its just that I am confused by all the parameters being quoted for the relays, when Rod only quotes a couple.

Thanks for the pointers.

PS RS often seems to be down in the evening, or is it just me ?

richie00boy 18th September 2004 03:13 PM

The relay I quoted is a 16A rated one so is better specified than Rod's 10A one. This is the contact rating and the higher the better in this application.

I never really have a problem with the RS site. I use Firefox browser if that makes any difference.

billybob66 26th March 2008 07:43 AM

I'm going to construct the same circuit. I've found one ( Omron G2R-1-DC12) that seems to be of comparable spec....12vdc, SPDT, 10 amp...designed for "space saving on PCB's

DECKY999 26th March 2008 11:27 PM


Originally posted by richie00boy
I never really have a problem with the RS site. I use Firefox browser if that makes any difference.

Apart from being a lousy web site in terms of search capabilities and design. I stopped using them only because of that.

PJPro 8th August 2009 08:23 AM

Did any of these standins for the FRM1-1C1 fit the bill?

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