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andy_c 22nd August 2004 04:42 PM

Which Paladin die to crimp these ring terminals?
Hi all,

I'm going to use some of these ring terminals at the speaker end of my speaker wires. I have a Paladin 8000 crimper, but the only die I have is for crimping coax. Looking at the table that came with the crimper, I see two that seem to fit the bill, but I suspect one of them is the wrong one. They are:

P/N 2031 for 22-10 AWG non-insulated terminals and lugs
P/N 2095 for 22-10 AWG insulated terminals and lugs

These lugs appear to be insulated, but I don't know whether one is meant to slide the insulator off, crimp as a non-insulated lug, then slide the insulator back on, or if one is meant to crimp with the insulator in place. I suspect the former is true, but I wanted to run it by someone who may have used these or similar terminals before.


andy_c 27th August 2004 04:52 AM

Sorry to be talking to myself here. But just in case anybody else ever ends up in the same boat, those PartsExpress ring terminals are really the non-insulated type. You slide the insulating cover off the lug and onto the wire, crimp the lug the same as you would a non-insulated lug. Then you just slide the insulating boot back over onto the lug. I ended up getting the Paladin P/N 2031 die for non-insulated terminals and it's the correct one.

I'm using VMPS speakers, and they have binding posts that are too shallow to use normal banana plugs with. The banana plugs will wobble and make a lousy connection. But the large hex nut of the binding post can be completely unscrewed, allowing the use of the ring terminals (0.25" hole diameter). They work just great and cost next to nothing. And the Paladin tool and die does a great job crimping them. I am a happy camper now!

hjelm 27th August 2004 10:49 AM

Hope i do not intrude too much but i read the title as:
Which palladin died to crimp these ring terminals.
Sounded like a very noble quest to me :D :D

andy_c 27th August 2004 02:14 PM

Sounds like the work of a "suicide crimper"

What appendage do you suppose he inserted into the crimper to cause this? :)

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