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Sunsun22 16th August 2004 04:20 PM

Is it worthwhile to buy Bulk Metal Resistors?
Notwithstanding the benefits as stated in advertisement (e.g., is there any practical reason to use this type of resistors? Does anyone changed to this type of resistors in amp and feel the difference in sound?

BrianL 17th August 2004 02:13 AM

Many people swear by Vishay bulk metal resistors
(and the price is something to swear AT!)

Texas Components is another source of Vishays; identical product.
Probably in business so the military can have an "alternate source".
Tex. Comp. seems easier to deal with than Vishay -- at least
that's my impression from our parts-buyer at work.

serengetiplains 17th August 2004 10:09 PM

Hi Sunsun,

I suggest you order a few Vishay resistors to install at a critical junctures of your circuitry. I once replaced two RIAA resistors with Vishays in a tube preamp (ie, one per channel) and heard an audible difference for the better. From that point on, there was, for me, no looking back. IMO, the audible change Vishay resistors bring is not of the more subtle variety spoken of in these threads, detectable only by those having very finely tuned hearing. More like the difference between an 88-rated and a 93-rated wine which even the less discerning palate can appreciate.


Sunsun22 18th August 2004 01:30 AM

Hay Tom, if you are talking about 88 and 93 rated wines, I can certainly tell the difference but again, this is subject to personal taste.

I'm not a EE and is not sure what is the critical path in a circuit. The accumulated information says the feedback resistor is the most critical, then followed by ........ Can you give me some examples.


Peter Daniel 18th August 2004 03:07 AM


Originally posted by Sunsun22
and is not sure what is the critical path in a circuit
Are you thinking about putting them in your ML preamp?;)

Sunsun22 18th August 2004 06:47 AM

Oh yes. I am planning to purchase 8 x 100 ohms to replace the resistors next to the AD823 (I am using 8 x 120 ohmes paralleling the 1K Vishay at this moment). In the same time, I also wish to know if it is worthwhile to upgrade some of the resistors to Vishay block metal too.

I have compared the sound stage of 38 and 38S and the 38S sounds more open. However you know there are a lot of upgrades between 38 and 38S other than the Vishay resistors, I'm not sure how does the Vishay block metal resistors will affect the sound quality if changing them alone.


serengetiplains 18th August 2004 04:44 PM

Feedback and loading resistors, and resistors associated with gain functions in a circuit, can be considered critical. Any resistor through which the signal passes is critical. The further from these circuit areas, the less effect, generally, you will hear using different resistor types. Don't overlook the power supply, which is in series with the signal path. I think I recently read that Conrad Johnson, a tube amplifier manufacturer, has begun using Vishays in their power supplies. I suggest you won't be disappointed using Vishays anywhere in a circuit, subject to budget considerations of course.

markp 18th August 2004 05:12 PM

The Caddock resistors are of equal quality and are cheaper than the Vishays. Made in the USA, not France. Michael Percy has them in all values. I use them in my amps and find them to be very rugged as well as sounding very neutral.

serengetiplains 18th August 2004 05:33 PM

Caddock MK-132s---medium-grade Caddocks---are only slightly cheaper than Vishays sourced from Texas Components. Caddock TF-020s are about the same price. As regards sound quality, a search on this site probably reveals most people prefer Vishays over Caddocks. My 2 cents on Vishay vs Caddock.

Cheers. ;)

Peter Daniel 18th August 2004 05:44 PM

Actually MK132 are half the price of Vishays. I tried them both and in some circuits spots I prefer Vishays, in other I prefer Caddocks. There is no one answer to this.

For instance, Vishay S102 didn't sound good at all in feedback loop of GC amp. Caddock MK132 sounds much better.

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