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Greg Stewart 15th February 2004 03:02 AM

TRT InfiniCap Warning!!!
So to start out, this is not a sonic warning... I've been using these for the tweeter leg and midrange leg bypass in my Eminent Technology LFT-VI crossover for some time and like the neutral and detailed sound.

But I had been gathering the parts for a crossover upgrade using Alpha-Core inductors and replacing the large-value electrolytic (bypassed with the InfiniCaps) with Northcreek Zen caps... all outboarded on a damped piece of Corian. The InfiniCaps would be transferred over from the original crossovers to the new ones when I installed them.

I finally got around to installing them last weekend. I had noticed for awhile that the white labeling of the InfiniCaps had been flaking off, exposing a silvery cap body. Imagine my surprise when I took my ohmeter to them and found that was the bare aluminized foil and was connected to one of the leads!

When I moved them onto the new crossover, I insulated all of them with a teflon/fiberglass tape I have around for this type of work.

In my case, the worse that would have happened is that some of these caps could have shorted to each other, perhaps shorting out some of the caps and reducing the value of the crossover parts. BUT, if they'd been in a piece of electronics or mounted differently in the crossover, they could have shorted to other components or to ground, damaging the equipment.

I'm still using them, but want to warn everyone else who has them to check them and if the white covering is flaking off and they could short out your EQ, insulate them with something ASAP!

Greg in Minneapolis

P.S. I can't definitely comment on the crossover upgrade yet. When I was installing it, I found that I had several midrange panels damaged on one speaker... I wondered why it sounded a little imbalanced. I've got the replacement panels ordered and I don't want to make final judgements until I have them in and broken-in.

Still, the sound is overall a bit smoother and more detailed... FM radio sounds more immediate and CD-like, CD sounds less digital and more natural, bass is definitely more impactful and detailed. More in a few weeks when the panels come in and I get them installed.

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