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Linear_DC 14th February 2004 05:08 PM

Do a good dead and help a newby today
High, Im the new guy on the block and could really use some advice.

First it seems proper to introduce myself.

My name is David Cooper (DC) Im 28 YRS old and I live in GA.

Im in school majoring in EE, and this :dead: is how I look at the end of each day...there is just so much to learn and absorb.

I consider myself somewhat a perfectionist, and also consider myself an audiophile.

I am a struggling student and hope to someday become as educated as some of you guys.
I try hard to learn as much as I can about anything, so I hope you can excuse my ignorance if I ask questions on some of your future posts for clarification of something I dont understand...I'll do extensive searches and try to learn it on my own first...asking only as a last resort.

I can see myself being engulfed by this board (I discovered it yesterday while surfing :D )
I love to build things, but I dont have the tools to do anything yet

Which brings me to my questions:

I need to get started with a few tools.

I just bought a DMM (Fluke 177) solder station (Weller WES51) and breadboard (Old ACE 245)

I need to purchase a DC power supply and O scope.

I am interested in an Instek GPS-3303 DC PS

and an Instek GOS-6103 scope (or the 200Mhz model)

I however have no experience with Instek products and dont really know if its cheap crap or just a good price for the product.
If anyone has any experience I would appreciate some guidance

Im also considering a Tektronix 465b, however Im worried about the age of these scopes. How bad would you say most are at being in calibration and reliability?

Thanks for any help

sek 14th February 2004 08:20 PM



Im in school majoring in EE,
I am a struggling student...
why don't you do an obvious thing: ask the teachers and scientists in your EE school?

Considering you might need such tools in your study, they will understand your questions and might really be eager to help.

- Find out who the guys with the equipment knowledge are in your school.

- Make appointments. Running in through the door, asking for an opinion about a particular gear might lead them to a short "perhaps, try it!"...

- Prepare some material, e.g. print your links.

- Inform them about your budget (which doesn't seem too limited :D). Sometimes, even schools have old stuff left to give away for little.

- Ask them if you can lend or hire some things for a couple of days (to compare).

As for the stuff on your list: the supply sounds almost okay, the scope seems too expensive. I've bought a comparable one for less than 250Euro off ebay...

Hope this helps ;)



Oh, and welcome to the board, DC :D
Hope we'll see lots of beautiful DIY from you :cool:

Bill Fitzpatrick 14th February 2004 10:55 PM

Unless you have lots of extra money I suggest a cheaper scope plus other needed items.

A 40Mhz dual trace scope such as the BK 1540 can be found quite
reasonable on ebay.

So can the:

HP204C Oscillator or HP3310B Function Generator
HP400EL AC Voltmeter

My BK1550 Dual Tracking power supply has served me well these many years.

Linear_DC 16th February 2004 05:24 PM

Thanks for the replies.

I guess Ill hold off on the scope if you think its not a good deal.
I kind of wanted to stay in the 100Mhz or more range.

Keep in mind its not that my budget is big, its that I beleive the philosophy buy the best once, or buy inferior many times over. The latter has cost me more frustration and money in the over all scheme of things, so I was just tying to plan ahead and do it right from the start.

Sek, I have done most of what you suggested already.
I attend a goverment owned university so selling or borrowing any equipment is not an option.
If anything gets replaced or breaks it is sent to a wharehouse to be auctioned, no exceptions.

My university has a few Tek 465 scopes, and I like them, Im just worried about reliability if I were to pick one up.
I would kick myslef for spending $200 only to have a dead scope after a short period of time...thats why Im looking into something a bit newer.

Ill take your advice and look elswhere for a scope.

Da5id4Vz 17th February 2004 12:32 PM

I bought a Tek 465 for $200 on Ebay. It was, as advertised, like new, removed from a rack in a communications hut. No probes in the deal

So far so good.

I had a job in college fixing scopes (B&K) that had been abused by the physics students. It was a great experience. But that was when things were still built with discreet components...

AGGEMAM 17th February 2004 12:38 PM

Uhm .. sorry .. I was just sort of perplexed by the title of the thread ..

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