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guitargully 15th January 2004 10:00 PM

Hard to find parts
Hey, I finally got to work on that footswitch i was planning on building, got it done in one night which was good i spose lol.. Anyways. today my guitar teacher came over and saw it and mentioned that he wanted a picth shifter, but they were over 175 bucks or so. I went back to and found a diy design for a pitch shifter. It looks fairly easy (now that i've made one i a beginning to understand what's goin on) but it has a lot of odd parts. I need a JRC4558 IC (dual opamp), a HT8950 18 pin IC, a 7PST roatry stitch, some spst momentary switches... and that pretty much sums up the odd stuff. It seems that no website carries any of this stuff, but i dont know where to look really. Any info on where to search would be appreciated. thanks

bigparsnip 15th January 2004 11:19 PM

Well for a start, I'm guessing that the dual op-amp will be the following one below (or at least very close to it judging from the component name) which is easily available from most places and is a widely used audio part.

NE4558 Dual Op-amp

The single pole single throw momentary swicth should also be easy, as you should just be abale to use any of the small push to make types that you find around with only two contacts (on when you press the switch, and off otherwise)

I can't recall seeing a 7 pole rotary switch anywhere, but I know you can get six pole ones, so I assume someone has to make one (although, you could always, just use a couple of switches together, say two four pay ones, to make up the correct number of contacts)

As for the other chip, I can tell you what it is (you can find the data sheet here); a voice modulator chip. HOwever, the only place that I can find to buy it (it sin't even the 18 pin version, it is in fact a 16 pion version, but should have exactly the smae functions) is here (if it's not product of the month anymore have a look for the voice changer kit), however, it comes as a part of a kit and so might be a bit expensive just to get the chip.

EchoWars 15th January 2004 11:21 PM

The JRC4558 is nothing but a simple dual opamp...substitute your favorite flavor here.

As far as the rest, it would really really really help to post a link the the project in question...couldn't find a bloody thing at the URL you provided.

Edit: I finally found the project :rolleyes: I'd have no idea where to find the HT8950, except as suggested above, included with another kit. Happy hunting...

SY 16th January 2004 04:57 AM

Holtek is distributed by Jameco in the US. A minute or two with a search engine will turn up contact information.

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