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wilkes5 29th November 2012 03:51 AM

Amplifier Components MADE IN USA
Looking to DIY a car amp and wondering if all the components (caps, resistors, transistors, diodes, etc) can be sourced by US companies which actually manufacure it's components in the USA. Anything which can be DIY could help, like windings.

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indianajo 29th November 2012 02:02 PM

There are a few things. Carbon comp resistors are back on-shore, see Price List and Order Form for RESISTORS for Tube Electronics
Sprague orange drop capacitors are still US made, the last time I bought some.
Electrolytic capacitors no. Panasonic still has a US plant and sources some of the bigger things from it, but you are not allowed to know when you order anything internet or phone order where it comes from.
Diodes and transistors, nothing new, but there are a few old things at and but nothing really useful. The GE D44R2 NPN were functional but they have rather poor heat dissipation for TO220 packages.
From our #2 export customer, Mexico, you can get stellar performance On Semi TO3 BJ transistors. I like the MJ21195 and MJ21196 myself. For old 2n3055 designs the MJ15015 came in from Mexico. The plastic package On stuff is all oriental, the diodes were from a country known for lying on QC paperwork for infant formula to save $.04 a gallon.
Op amps from TI have been US sourced, at least the TL082 and RC4560 ones I have bought.
The best source of US made audio components I've found is cutting up old organs. There are two free ones within 40 miles this week on craigslist, both Kimballs, a brand worthy of cutting up, particularly the dead one. But I have no room this week.
We ought to be able to know where stuff comes from before we buy, but the product law marking only applies to stuff you see on the store shelf. As if electronic components were ever out on a store shelf where you could pocket.them.

wilkes5 29th November 2012 02:42 PM

wow, thanks

mabye should have been more specific, need components to stock a premade car audio board. so, not sure if op amps fall into such category? Parting out an old organ sounds interesting. Orange drop capacitors! Orange is my favorite color so hope it works! Joking, but serious about the made in USA. Only reason to mention the Panasonic is for prayer against? Transistors and Diodes from Mexico, do you have a company name? Recently found a company who makes resistors in the USA, Riedon.

Thanks for the input, anything else like company name and what it makes would be great.

Also, easy to follow schematics of a powerful/bridgable/mono subwoofer car amp would be great. Something around 1400 watts. If someone already makes the board(in USA) would be even greater.

Always what is right

indianajo 29th November 2012 04:59 PM

On Semi transistor, MJ21195G - ON SEMICONDUCTOR - BIPOLAR TRANSISTOR, PNP, -250V | Newark
To reiterate, On buys their diodes and small signal transistors from the same *******se factories as everybody else. The quality of the ones I have got has been okay; maybe they have a HK citizen on site that will walk in at 3 AM Sunday morning & pull an audit.
Rather than buying PWBs of consumer ****, I buy dead end items at Salvation Army or New To You charity resale shop. I understand resale of consumer electronics is illegal in Florida, and Goodwill won't put anything on the floor but working televisions or organs, but you do find a bargain sometimes. But dead car amps will have heat sinks designed for TO247 transistors, which are universally (in my experience) oriental.
I'm partial to repairing blown Peavey PA stuff, for the repairability, and the Mississippi origin, but making a car suitable inverter power supply would be up to you.

franzm 29th November 2012 05:28 PM


Originally Posted by indianajo (
I understand resale of consumer electronics is illegal in Florida.

Are you speaking about used consumer electronics?

wilkes5 29th November 2012 05:56 PM

thanks very much Indianajo

wilkes5 30th November 2012 04:19 AM

but making a car suitable inverter power supply would be up to you.....

if given an easy to follow schematic (one a 6th grader wouldn't have trouble with) it can be done, by me.


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