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Trileru 21st August 2012 04:56 PM

Got some inductors to wind but no info on inductance
Hello everyone. I got today some inductor cores to wind for my ta2020 but got no info on inductance of the material.
this is the product:
T14.2X5X9.15 FERROCORE - Ferrite: toroidal | Transfer Multisort Elektronik

It might be ferromagnetic A5 material as I found on other sites. I need to wind for 10uH at 4-5A. I have 0.5mm copper wire but might get 0.8 as 0.5 isn't suited for more than 3.5A. Any help is appreciated .

macboy 24th August 2012 03:15 PM

Those cores are designed to be used as noise suppression in wires. Basically you loop both conductors (or a coax) through the core a few times, and it provides common-mode suppression of signals (i.e. RF suppression). They are designed to be lossy, so they are not generally suitable for winding inductors. That is also the reason that there is no permeability and other critical data in the data sheet.

Kindhornman 24th August 2012 04:12 PM

Since you seem to need to wind some inductors and have the wire why not just wind air core inductors. Many people use formulas that require a very large air core diameter for their coil designs but I will tell you that it is not always required. You can also wind a solenoid type construction for your inductors. Get some small wooden dowels, 1/4" or let's say 6 or 7mm in diameter and wind on those. This has the advantage of having something to use as a bobbin and also acts like an air core as it is non ferrous. Another advantage is that the individual winds are smaller in diameter and use less wire and will have a lower DCR value when you are done. Inductor saturation is a function of the current and if this is not a high current circuit you will be just fine. you can wrap the coils with tape, shrink wrap, or even use some hot melt adhesive or epoxy. If you wax the dowel before you make the coil you could potentially remove the dowel when you are done but you can also use the dowel to attach the coil to a board if you leave one end protruding from the coil.

Good luck.

RJM1 24th August 2012 06:23 PM

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If you go air core it does get fairly large, although you can access the calculator here.
Air Core Inductor Coil Inductance Calculator
Yes that would work with 0.8mm wire.

Trileru 24th August 2012 07:50 PM

Thank you for the info but the tripath chip has a tight spec on this thing. For proper operation it has to match a couple of things that I don't yet trust myself with. I just ordered an inductor kit from for 4€ :)

Kindhornman 24th August 2012 08:45 PM

I guess not knowing your specific application my information was no help. Do you have an inductance meter to measure what you are going to receive?

Trileru 24th August 2012 11:38 PM

No, I do not. That is one of the reasons that I decided to not make them on my own.

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