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twest820 10th August 2012 05:34 PM

optical S/PDIF transcievers - Toslink/Photolink or 3.5mm mini
Historically Sharp and Toshiba have made Toslink recievers, transmitters, and duplex transciever modules. Lite-On and TE Connectivity (formerly Tyco and AMP) have also made modules. Looking at Arrow, Digi-Key, Future, Mouser, and Newark all Toslink parts from all of these manufacturers are either end of life, obsolete, or non-stock (as of this writing there is still limited availability from the end of Toshiba's TORX, TOTX, and TODX production runs at high prices but the remaining stock is going fast). Lite-On appears to have 3.5mm stereo + optical combo receivers and transmitters in production but I've been unable to locate any distributor which carries them.

Does anyone know of a source for optical S/PDIF transcievers? Lots of stuff is getting built with them (CD players, preamps, theater gear, Squeezeboxes, audio interfaces...) so some manufacturer has to still have them in production. However, after several hours of web searches and looking through parts selectors I'm pulling a blank. Main thing I'm looking for is a TORX147 replacement but I'm not fussy.

theAnonymous1 10th August 2012 06:01 PM

I have some original Toshiba TORX179 (Japan) here if you need a few. These are 5V though, the 147 is 3V.

You can find 147 on eb*y for 10pcs for $30.

twest820 11th August 2012 03:42 PM

Thanks, though I'd prefer to avoid the additive jitter of level translation from 5 to 3.3V. I suspect some of the problem is I'm doing English language searches; unfortunately my Chinese is minimal and not up to the task. I did turn up Conserco last night but am not sure they're still in business---the part drawings are preliminary and date to the mid-90s, the site doesn't seem to have been updated since 2004, and I'm not getting much searching on their part numbers (which should be a language agnostic search).

Laying out boards to the TORX and TOTX footprints and pulling NOS Toshiba Toslink parts from eBay does rather seem like the best option---it's probably reasonable to assume equivalent parts from alternative suppliers would use the same PCB footprint and form factor. I was kind of hoping to at least identify some of the alternative parts to confirm that. Another option would be to lay out boards for wired SPDIF only since pretty much any audio device which has optical SPDIF also has wired SPDIF. However, that's not true for laptops using 3.5mm combo jacks and it would be nice to support optoisolation from PC ground noise.

cowboy_film_fan 17th August 2012 04:20 PM

I found chinese and taiwanese manufacturers of similar ->?????????????
and here ->LEDs Manufacturer ::: Edison Opto :::
I think they produce a lot of these parts,but they do not find their way to the regular distribution channels.Also one can make question marks about the quality of these parts.I know of Toshiba parts being fabricated from electrically conductive plastic,as to provide an EMI shield around the highly sensitive optical receiver.I didn't find any mentioning about is in these chinese datasheets.
Some toshiba parts are being offered at Ebay (NOS),but these could very well be of the origin i mentioned above,without anyone noticing

theAnonymous1 17th August 2012 05:16 PM


Originally Posted by cowboy_film_fan (
I know of Toshiba parts being fabricated from electrically conductive plastic,as to provide an EMI shield around the highly sensitive optical receiver...

Oh, so that's the reason they would break so easily? I always wondered why the plastic was so fragile and had a grainy texture.

twest820 18th August 2012 12:54 AM


Originally Posted by cowboy_film_fan (
I think they produce a lot of these parts, but they do not find their way to the regular distribution channels.

Yes, it looks to me like the usual OEM manufacturing with various distributors selling under their own brands. I did find one forum thread mentioning Toshiba's end of life press release on the Toslink parts indicated the process was also being wound down, so likely they sold the equipment to some other manufacturer and reassigned their fab space to higher margin lines. It's entirely possible there's some factory out there still turning out the exact same parts as Toshiba did.

I have some of the eBay Toshiba NOS parts on the way, for better or worse, but I did a some part number cross searching anyway and found Aixin Opto-Electrical Technology, Edcon Components, Everlight, and XAnHong along with around half a dozen non-English sites that may also be distributors. None are in languages I know, though. Apparently the Toshiba part numbers are out and DLR11B0 and DLT11B0 are the main ones to search for (there's also C0, D0, 1140, and 1152 numbers under the same prefixes), followed by PLR131 and PLT131 (along with 132, 133, 134, ...).

Everlight would seem to be the default way to go as they're plugged into Arrow, Avnet, Digikey, Future, and Mouser, the parts are more thoroughly characterized than Toshiba's, run on anything from 2.5 to 5V, are pin compatible with Toshiba's footprints, and use the same 47uH + 100nF supply filter. However, Everlight's adopted the brand name Photolink and none of the distributors have them classified for digital audio. So I missed the PLR135/T9 and PLT133/T9 at DigiKey. Mouser has a quirk in that they list Everlight parts at 650 and 660nm wavelengths but all the parts they have under 650nm are non-stock. I'd actually seen those before starting this thread but since the nominal wavelength for optical SPDIF is 650nm it didn't occur to me to search under 660nm, though I did happen check the 655nm parts. So my parts search was 5nm away from happy land. :eek:

cowboy_film_fan 19th August 2012 11:48 AM

I am also highly surprised that the fact of Toshiba declaring these parts obsolete doesnot cause a major fuzz among the users of these parts.Eventually they will end up somewhere where we can buy them,but by now I think nobody has realised the impact of Toshibas decision.
By my knowing my former employer uses these parts in digital printing press machines,mainly as a single on/off signalling channel inside the machine,just to circumvent EMI problems.I'll ask one of my former colleagues how they deal with this obsolescence.Perhaps they did a last time buy,which is well possible since they only produce a 50 to 100 machines a year.

twest820 19th August 2012 08:20 PM

Apparently Toshiba's end of life announcement went out in 2009 so I'd imagine most volume buyers have switched over to the Everlight parts or any of the several other pin and supply compatible options. DigiKey simply lists the Toshiba parts as non-stock whereas Mouser has them as end of life but also on order, so it's possible Toshiba's still taking last time buys.

cowboy_film_fan 20th August 2012 01:20 PM

Digikey has 2 everlight parts on stock :1080-1431-ND & 1080-1432-ND

macboy 20th August 2012 03:18 PM

425-1897-ND (the image may be wrong; there is no RCA jack).
They are sharp brand, in-stock, and quite inexpensive, around $1 ea in 10's.

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