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Elkaid 22nd September 2003 11:34 PM

Any DIY machinists here ?
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Since I'm lacking equipment and space to work with aluminium, I would like to have a rough estimation or even quotation for making the following :

4 feets made from 2" aluminium bar.
1 Front panel made from 1/4" aluminium. I would like to to be brushed.
2 covers made from 1/16" and punched for air circulation. (Too thin ?)

General dimensions (excluding feets) W10" X L12" X H4.5"

Peter Daniel 22nd September 2003 11:36 PM

Maybe it's time to try that place?

cowanrg 22nd September 2003 11:38 PM

for that i would guess just shy of $1 million :)

man, that might be pretty expensive. i knew the guy who did my faceplates, and those were almost $350 each (and this was a favor, we basically payed for materials).

Elkaid 22nd September 2003 11:49 PM


i knew the guy who did my faceplates, and those were almost $350 each (and this was a favor, we basically payed for materials).
Hmmm, if the faceplates you're talking about are the ones illustrated on your avatar, I don't have any doubts about it !
They're really nice and a lot of job have probably been invested.

My faceplate is consisting of only a few grooves each made by a single tool pass.

I'll try the link previously posted by Mr. Daniel :) and I'll get back to you with some informations.

I just cross my fingers... :xfingers:

jewilson 23rd September 2003 01:27 AM

Machine Work
I have machine work done locally at a company All Metals they do great work. You will need some machine shop drawing they except BMP, JPEG and AutoCad.

They also build sheet metal chassis or aluminum. Aluminum 1/4 or smaller is cut on a laser, 3/8 and up is cut on a mill. The cost get high when they use the mill. Also they have a machine for getting the brushed metal look.

Call Billy or all metals and get a quote mail him at billy@amatals

jewilson 23rd September 2003 01:59 AM

Wrong web address


purplepeople 23rd September 2003 02:00 AM

Shipping will cost a fortune if you source outside of the local area. Start in the local yellow pages under sheet metal fabrication or metal fabricators. If they can't help you, they can point you in the right direction.

I don't really want to guess, but I would figure around $1000 Cdn for a one-off. The perforated covers will be the most trouble and the solid feet will be the most cost in materials. Using tube instead of solid bar will be much cheaper.

It will be even cheaper if you get a hacksaw, some files and sandpaper. Think of the aluminum as just metal wood and the same types of tools can be used to get the same results. Brushed finish can be done using a file or sandpaper dragged sideways on the surface. You don't need a lot of room, your kitchen table will do except for all the dust. Even just outside on the stairs you can do this. Put some music on and spend a little elbow grease.

Good luck.


Coulomb 23rd September 2003 02:25 AM

I have 2 48" spindle lathes, Horizontal and vertical mill, 102" Bandsaw, 24" disc sander, Ram mill and a plethora of machinists hand tools at my disposal. :-)

Unfortunatle it takes me 90 minutes to drive to the shop from mu house:-(

Here are a few projects I am working on right now.


Sch3mat1c 23rd September 2003 02:43 AM

Heh, I could cast all that stuff. Too bad the as-cast finish sucks, and I don't have a mill or even a belt sander to clean up the stuff nice.


psychokids 23rd September 2003 05:05 AM

Well, I could make the feet if youd like. I just got a brand spankin new lathe and itll take 2 inch rod no problem. I am itching for stuff to make on it, so if you pay for materials and shipping, I'd be happy to do it. At onlinemetals, a 2 foot piece of 2" bar is about 34 bucks and should be more than enough. Let me know. Good luck.


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