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Roushon 28th October 2010 04:42 AM

Parts in Mumbai (India)
I had this strange experience. I was looking for polypropylene capacitor in Lamington
Road Mumbai. I got a reference from one shop that Apex electronics in one of the lane
has such capacitors. Apex said it can be made only in bulk order and it is not
available usually as these are very expensive capacitors. So I looked for some more time
and then gave up being too tired of hopping around shops on that road. Finally looked for
in the internet and ordered from Futurlec. It took about a month and I got the caps. Happy!
Only day before yesterday I searched the net with the cap number (AC-X2) which I got
from Futurlec and surprised to find that these were available in Visha Electronics. I went
to Visha at least twice before, they always said they DO NOT have polypropylene caps.
They do not even know what they have. Then yesterday the moment I said AC-X2 they
said yes yes we have.

What do we do????

So my request to all fellow DIYers from India/Mumbai that we maintain this thread for
this purpose of posting names/addresses of shops where we can find certain parts.
Or for any such strange stories.

I start:

AC-X2 (polypropylene) capacitors (less than or equal to 1uF): Visha electronics, Lamington Road.
They take online order also. Online Shopping in Mumbai


Roushon 28th October 2010 05:25 AM

Polypropylene caps higher value
Polypropylene caps (higher value, I looked for 24uF for a crossover): Precious Electronics,
Proctor Road, near Grant Road station, Mumbai.

But they do not retail. In fact they are very discouraging to retail customers. I purchased
some metal film resistors from them, but I had to take 100pieces each.

Roushon 28th October 2010 06:00 AM

Toroidal transformer
Toroidal transformers:

1. Chandratronics, Sopariwala House, Chunam Lane, Lamington Road,
Mumbai, Ph. 23841322. Very unimpressive shop and slow delivery, but at least local and
do not have to pay courier charge to get from other city.

2. Radio Electric Pvt Ltd., 394/C, Lamington Chambers, Dr. Bhadkamkar Road, Mumbai.
Very good but takes only order of big toroidals. Torroidal Transformers

mymindinside 28th October 2010 06:29 AM

Good Job Roushon,

this is invaluable information. The member 'Tcpip' had also done a thread like this a few years ago. one of the most intimidating things for a new Diy'er is to hunt down obscure parts in Lamington rd.

i have found a source of polycarbonate capacitors in one of the lanes. i think the shop is called Apex elec but am not sure. it is in the lane after the Visha building and on the right as you are going down the lane. will confirm on my next trip and post.
i have also bought toroidal transformer from Thomson Transformers, which is under the bridge near Grant rd. station (E). However the secondary windings were mis-labelled and caused me a fair amount of grief. Other than that the transformer is fine. I paid INR 3200 for a 230Vac primary - 2x18v secondaries 625VA.

Visha also has some good heatsinks (2 inch serrated fins and a 16mm base). i used these in a FirstWatt F2 build and they are more than adequate.

Matrix Electronics is a shop for hard to get transistors and IC's. friendly people and they are willing to sell small quantities. i have bought a lot of stuff from there and it has all been good. No fakes yet :) the shop is in the lane that leads to Lamington road from Grant Rd station (again, i forget the name of the lane). is it a few shops down from a well known shop called Madhu Subtronics, you can ask for directions using Madhu as a landmark

hope this helps and keep up the good work.


Roushon 28th October 2010 06:45 AM

Thanks very much
1 Attachment(s)
Thank you very much mymindside for your help and for posting the important informations.
Here is another source of informations I got from the net, the prices mentioned there
may be old:

Roushon 2nd November 2010 04:35 AM

PCB making at home
Toner transfer paper: , Etchtron toner transfer paper for pcb making.
(For the last few days I am unable to open this site, may be it is down

Address: Mr Gopal Patel
Indra Krupa, Opp Lalubhai Park
Near Golden Silver Appts
Subhanpura Gam, Vododara

Marketed by: Pacific east Enterprise,
Opp Atmajyoti Ashram, Ellora Park
Vadodara, Gujarat-390023
Ph. +91 265 2392537

The papers are expensive but really good, it just disintegrates in water. They
also give a pictorial tutorial of making pcb in home.

I personally found another very cheap choice of paper which works equally well: it is called
``chromo paper'', its' one side is glossy ( I think thin layer of china clay). Purchased 400
pieces A4 size in Rs 140/- in the Flora Fountain area in Mumbai ( do not remember the
name of the shop). I made lots of very high quality pcb using these papers. I get my copper
clad boards from Visha electronics which are not very good. The copper layer is very thin.
The chemicals (ferric chloride) are cheaply available in 500gm packet (Rs 70/- one year
back) in `lohar chowl' area near Crawford market, Mumbai.

If any of you know where good quality copper clad boards are available then please post


vijay_meyou 2nd November 2010 06:16 AM

Hi Roushon,

Thanks for your information.

can you tell what is the name make of your chromo paper. i am looking here locally can't able to source it at chennai. if you provide the make of your chromo paper it would be easy to find out local reseller.


Roushon 2nd November 2010 06:51 AM


Originally Posted by vijay_meyou (
Hi Roushon,

Thanks for your information.

can you tell what is the name make of your chromo paper. i am looking here locally can't able to source it at chennai. if you provide the make of your chromo paper it would be easy to find out local reseller.


The packet came in a label-less paper wrap. I am not aware of the name make. As I said
it is one sided glossy. I do not know what more description I can give. If you say chromo
paper then a dealer will understand. I think you should go to some whole seller where
they are cutting big sheets into A4 size, they will know. Or if I go to that area again
I will bring some more details.


Roushon 21st January 2011 11:44 AM

Silver solder
Does anyone know where in Mumbai silver solder is
available? It will be a great help as I need it to solder a
phono preamp board.


viki_v2 21st January 2011 12:35 PM

Well Guys,
I tried all types of pcb etching ways i found on INTERNET, so much of money spent on it, Trying to get the perfect track , But none of them was successful.

Toner transfer method is useful but not successful always. getting right type of paper is difficult, Even if you do ,purchase lot of it for future use. Then the right quality of laser print, oh god these cyber cafes never use original cartridges and then ironing .

But the best way i found is by photo resist film. It is wonderful.

No breaking sweat over improper tracks. I have etched many pcbs using this method, Even hairline tracks can be had with this method.

All it takes is 30 minutes and you have your pcb ready,

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