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vdi_nenna 19th March 2001 03:00 PM

Hi everybody,

My brother Lou and I finished a set of heatsinks. They are 2"x6"x15" each in dimension, with about 48 fins per sink. I have pictures of them and I'm going to put them up on my site soon.

Some background on them...
All the parts are milled, not saw cut. Fins and seperators were cut to about 3-4 thousandths of of an inch for tight tolerance. All part were polished and de-burred (no sharp edges). All the holes were drilled close for 1/4-20 rods, so there is very little play.

Once you see the work and if anyone is interested in having this kind of work done, email me from this site. We can make them to your specs.


vdi_nenna 20th March 2001 03:46 PM

Beginings of a web page!
I have to finish up, but here's the link! It's just thumbs right now. I have to figure out how to compress a 450+kb pictures and still keep good resolution. I'm new to the web design thing. Any pointers Jason!!

McKajVah 20th March 2001 08:18 PM

Bigger pictures?
Is it me or are the pictures small? Maybe you could put up some bigger ones?

From what I can see, they look 'cool'.....;)


McKajVah 20th March 2001 08:25 PM

uppps....sorry, my fault.

Didn't see that you said they were just thumb's....

vdi_nenna 20th March 2001 09:31 PM

All Thumbs...
I'm going to try to use Photo Shop tomorrow night and make the pix smaller for faster up and downloading of pages. They are too damn big right now, and I'm real fired up about the whole thing, that's why only the thumbs right now. I can't wait to show them. Pretty nice work by my bro!

(It's ready)

[Edited by vdi_nenna on 03-22-2001 at 12:10 AM]

vdi_nenna 22nd March 2001 02:58 PM

What do you think?? do they look now?? I think this design makes it easy to put on a front and back plate. Now if I could just start on that new amp project!!

BTW- Thanks for the advice on the pix Petter, they were already in a jpeg format. The pictures were 1600x1400, I think...@450kbs each! In Adobe Photo Shop they were 4.5 megs (.ppd or .pdd)! I cropped them and resized them close to 800x600. Then converted back to jpeg. It worked nicely. Thanks!


Jason 22nd March 2001 03:34 PM

The pictures look great... I've always been a fan of nice clean pictures (with a reasonable size!) and quick loading thumbnails ;)

As far as web design advice goes, i don't know how much you can really do when you're using a free homepage creator - might I suggest downloading an evaluation of dreamweaver from macromedia, nothing comes close IMHO and it's basically WYSIWYG ;)

I would love to hear a justification for the splash page though ;)

vdi_nenna 22nd March 2001 04:04 PM

Jason, Do you mean the first enterance page? Well, the counters aren't really good, so I thought that having a home page then entering the index section would lower the occurance for bogus hits. 'Cause everytime you go back to the first page, it's a hit, right? Plus, I look at web pages sort of like a book, that would be the (soft)cover. :)

ps. thanks for the input!!

[Edited by vdi_nenna on 03-22-2001 at 10:07 AM]

Jason 23rd March 2001 01:24 AM

Yes the front door page, or 'splash' page :) What are you trying to measure? Unique visitors? These will be in your web statistics (does your host provide statistics?).

This might go over your head but if you really wanted to hack it you could open up a two frames, one with the counter in it and the other with your site in it. That would fairly accurately measure the number of unique visitors you're getting, but then you would need to add target="_top" to all your external links (to break out of the frames).

vdi_nenna 23rd March 2001 02:37 AM

OK, I know what frames are. I had a week of Front Page 2000. I jus thought it was sort of a way around a crappy counter. I just like to see if people are interested or not. Thanks, I'll look into it.


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