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Bonthouse 2nd June 2009 01:49 AM

Upgrading Behringer BCD2000 project, need help/advice
So let me introduce you to the project.
I got around to disassembling this "thing" last night. I bought it several years ago for some fun MP3 mixing, I know, I was young.

So when all the parts were laying there in all their nakedness, I decided to take a loupe and take a look at the parts that made it possible for me to enjoy music for the past few years.

The DAC appeared to be a 24 bit DAC, which was a suprise to me. The opamps are of the lowest quality possible said google.

I also have problems with pops when a lightswitch is turned on/off. So the PSU has to be upgraded as well.

My plan is to upgrade the parts (opamps, caps, etc) but to keep the boards.
All opamps (6 total) are from Cool Audio and all caps are from Xunda.

Here are some pics for you to see what's going on:



Front board:

I already decided to replace all opamps with LME49720's (but if you have a better idea, please let me know!), now I just need your advice on what caps to upgrade and what PSU parts to replace:beerchug:

Bonthouse 2nd June 2009 02:02 PM

So my goals are:

-Better SQ
-No pops when other electrical devices are turned on/off

Again, any input is appreciated!

loopback7c0 30th August 2010 07:59 PM

Wow, just the kind of thing I'd love to do.

I made the same choice as you, but still, I think it's a great controller if you know how to squize it, I've made certain number of gigs with it.

I understand the thread's a little old. Did you success?

I'd love to know how you make it (at least the PSU part), because, in my case, instead of pops & clicks the unit freezes so I've to restart it anytime there's a variation with the tension.

doctormord 15th July 2011 08:55 PM

Hi all,

even this topic is rather old i want to share you my experience with the BCD2000.

Actually i changed the output-stage from Cool-Audio V4580 to Burr Brown OPA2277. Even if main params did not changed, the sound is a bit "creamier" and punchier now. (Which means, it is not better but different) This might come from the rather slow slew-rate, which is at 0.8V/s. Max output is at +18dBu @ 1kHz. (Same as the old one)

Even if the OPA2277 has a little more voltage-noise, the THD is less at all. I measured some specs of both opamps and can say, the 4580 is not that bad, even the rest of the design in the Behringer-device...

So changing the opamps wont make it any better, just different. :) If you like the tuby-kind Burr-Brown-sound, give it a try.

The only strange thing is, why Behringer put the output-stage right on top of their SMPS (PSU).



doctormord 15th July 2011 10:20 PM

1 Attachment(s)
CoolAudio V4580 vs. BB OPA2277. As you can see, OPA2277 does a little bit more output-swing and some "shaping". Both of them got a little DC-Offset at the output, so voltage-rails might not be equal.

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