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theChris 22nd March 2003 02:36 AM

cheap project ideas
ok, first off, i know these aren't the all time best op amps ever made, nor are they they worst ever made. in any case you could use em to build some cheap stuff for semi-unimportant projects like kitchen-audio or whatever. also, i seriously am not affiliated with these people, but i have ordered from them a few times.

oh, maby you could go for a suped up set of computer speakers.

they apparently have:
LM837N - a quad op amp, somewhat low noise specs and cmon, if bacon's sizzelin in the kitchen you'll not care about the op amp quality. they're 4 for $1, meaning 16 opamps for $1. anyone know if they're suitable for unity gain? i hope...

next they also have .1uF monolithic bypass caps 30 for $1. tiny little things! i guess they still have em in stock.

they have 10uF electrolytic (50v) 20 for $1

and you can get the classy LM3875 for $4.50, which is IMO very cheap. other IC amp options are TDA1013B ($2.50), TDA2005 ($6), and a stereo IC: TDA8563 for $7.

I think they have a limited transformer selection... sadly, no metal film resistors. i'm not sure if they have deals on caps, but they only have mylar and polyester films. they have some cheap rectifiers. oh, and they have audio terminals (phono or RCA)

If anything catches your eye, seach for it to make sure it's not listed elsewhere on site on sale. i paid $3 for some hemostats that were listed at $1.50... oh, also they have free gifts for order above different amounts. not that any of it is particularly great, but free ain't bad.

i really don't mean to offend anyone with what kinda looks like an ad, but then again i do like the site.

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