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jayrjoe 15th September 2006 02:29 AM

wow thanks for your help audio machines, now i know the reason why my K10 limits easily, i mean clipping lights at 2 speaker per channel but still im not satisfied with the output power.

im planning to purchase an amplifier use to drive those T&T subs,
my first choice is the CA20 amplifier from sounstandard. do you have experienced with that amplifiers? or how about the I12
( Iseries) 1500 rms watts at 8 ohms, from TASSO. are they really Class H amps?

or maybe if you will recommend, i ll go for the V12 from konzert. what is its power rating?

and lastly how would I post pictures on my post, ill send you some pics for my K10, low end cabs and mid cabs.

thanks again mate.

more power:D

jayrjoe 15th September 2006 02:29 AM

hi audio machine,

wow love to see the pictures of V12 , im very interested. hope you could send me some pics with those powerful amps.
ok now i know how to add the pics didnt notice the small icons below.
ill post some pics later.

cheers mate...

jayrjoe 15th September 2006 02:29 AM

2 Attachment(s)
hi audio machine,

here some few pics of my little noise making system..

jayrjoe 15th September 2006 02:29 AM

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some pics continued...

jayrjoe 15th September 2006 02:29 AM

maybe ill post some pics later, im still in moderation...:)

im using the ORG 234 crossover and the 215 band Konzert
equalizer. the top most is tone control with built in amp rated at i think 50 watts rms, for the meantime use to drive my horn tweeter.

hope you could give me some suggestions on what would be a fairly good compressor, i plan to buy one, is ORG ok? ive seen their compressor limiter on thier site. ive also seen the soundstandard compressor limiter.

i have no plan to buy those branded one like the dbx, or DOD cause it is mainly use in our garage...

thanks guys.

more power...

audiomachines 15th September 2006 04:07 AM

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hello jayroe,

Here is also my noise making machines too :D Alesis MEQ230 Dual 30 band Eq,Wharfdale EZ Verb FX Processor, Phonic PCL3200 Compressor/Limiter/Gate, Wharfedale Procomp Compressor/Limiter/Gate, Behringer Super X Pro Crossover CX3400, Phonic MQ3600 Dual 31 Band EQ on my processor rack. Getting ready for the Christmas season huh:hohoho: Sound Standard CA20 that's one monster amp he he he, are you into mobile disco or into live sound? matigas mag bass ang K10 (sorry about that mod, having a hard time translating) that is why I prefer the H3000 for driving my bass bins (L36,Sub0, Subscoop) ( malambot mag bass) sorry again mod.

Best Regards,

audiomachines 15th September 2006 04:14 AM

hello rolandong,

I would suggest the "Loudspeaker Design Cookbook" by Vance Dickanson. Available at Alexan Commercial. At the end of the book there is a step by step guide how to get the T/S parameter of a speaker using a signal generator, frequency counter, DVM. Good luck

Best Regards,

rlg_200 15th September 2006 06:34 AM

Hello, Audiomachine,

May I know who is the maker of tnt speaker? and also who is the dealer in binondo of this speaker, also the price of this speaker?

how much the power in rms that you used in your sub. do u have a lights in sounds company? can u give the technical information or the block diagram on how to set up the light sound?

Pls. I want to know more about the set up of live sound, because I'm planning to build a light and sounds soon. as of now I have may own power amp. i make it and I tested it for 400watts rms crown instrumental speaker and it sound good. and I'm planning to make it in bridge mode to produce a 600watts rms.

Anyway, my amp is symetrical mosfet, it is design by anthony holton it is av400. it is produce 270watts rms @8ohms, 400wattsrms @4ohms, and according to the designer it is produce 700watts rms @8ohms in bridge mode.


audiomachines 15th September 2006 07:33 AM

hello rlg_200

Sorry my mistake dudes, it is not SPL Trading, but Sound Professional Trading and it is located at #3178 Limay St.Manuguit Tondo,Manila not in Binondo, I was thinking about Sherwood Electronics Inc. dealer of snake cables, connectors and wire, sorry about that.
T&T speakers are from China, here is their email ad I use around 1.5kw rms of amp power per channel on the subs. Sure I can send you a block diagram of a sound reinforcement system. But I suggest you research about sound system engineering, there are so many topics i.e. miking an instrument, choosing a mic, gain stracturing for optimum GBF (gain before feedback), the basics of mixing for live sound, the mixing console, etc.

hello jayrjoe,

Forgot to mention the Labon power amp available at nictron marketing really a monster amp class H rated 2.5Kw rms into 8 ohms more powerful than H3000, CA20 and K10 :devilr:

jayrjoe 15th September 2006 10:47 AM

hi audio machines,

just viewed your noise making machines, wow that was great:D
im sure they'll produce pretty lound noises:D

your right the bass of K10 produces chest thumping, but for now i love to hear tight bass cause i mainly listened to techno and hard techno.

nope, just use my noise maker machines at home, i mean for personal use only, love to hear the roof top of our garage and house cranking....:D good thing i have understanding neighbors..hehehe.

i made an inquiry regarding the V12 from K10, its worth 27 thou in peso. is it really a class H amp? very cheap for a class H amp. what is its power ratinG, hope you have pictures and specs. of v12.

thanks again

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