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audiomachines 31st July 2006 07:57 AM

hello guys,

k6 (2 RU) weighs around 20kgs, the k10 (3 RU) and the h3000 weighs around
30kgs i think, really heavy. they all utilized a torroidal transformer, and wimpy filter caps, a total 10,000uF per rail/channel (there are 8x10,000 uF/100V or 80V caps on the power supply board they connect them in a series to accomodate the supply voltage and they dont have any DC rail fuses! only the torroids primary are fused!), common problem, busted ouput tranies. M-Audio MA/CA series (not to be confused with the 'REAL' M-Audio that manufactures studio electronics) MusicFocus, Kesler. they all have the same amp modules as the Konzerts. I dont know about these other brands from china BTS, Lexus, Labon etc. if they also use the same amp modules. These amps has a built in limiters that sounds nasty, they were also 'mindless' , they deliver brute power without any control, unlike the Crown's with the IOC,ODEP ckt., Crest Audio (IGM, POWERLOCK ckt.), QSC (output averaging ckt) Peavey (DDT ckt) to control the power output of the amp. At these power levels (1KW and up) You have to be very carefull when you use them especially on live sound (gigs), ever seen a JBL 2226 driver in flames? well i did! :D A simple beep!,zonk!pot! spike!, noissseeee! due to bad interconnectors, line transients, or as simple as dropping of a microphone on stage could blow several drivers at an instant and you will get a nasty electrical shock if you accidentally touch the output terminals of these amps while they are cranking.

good day friends

rlg_200 5th September 2006 06:42 AM

hello guys!

Does anybody has an available power heatsink specially used for TO-264 plat pack.

TonyTecson 6th September 2006 02:39 AM

you can go to Spin Electronics in mandaluyong city, "crossing" along edsa. they have huge heatsinks you can use.

you may also want to get in touch with julian wales, conrad engineering,

rlg_200 6th September 2006 02:51 AM

Thanks tony for ur info. I try to go to spin electronics in mandaluyong.

fish4u 6th September 2006 04:17 AM

psst tony..
where exactly spin electronics is? any landmarks?
sorry im from alabang area (south manila) traffic is horrible.
thanks kabayan.

wheew! a long time since i last posted on this forum! missed diy audio!

TonyTecson 6th September 2006 07:13 PM

it is walking distance from edsa, take the street going to bermuda motels, then turn left first corner, then right at the 2nd street. they have billboards, you can not miss it.:D

volks77 6th September 2006 08:38 PM

thanks sir tony,

found the spin's website they also provided there the shop location map. I'll also visit the place one time for my parts needs.


jayrjoe 14th September 2006 03:22 PM

Hi audio machine,

im jay-r from cagayan de oro city.

need some help of your knowledge...

ive seen the K2 and H3000 from one of your post. do you own those konzert amplifiers? what class of amplifiers are kozert? class H?
i have one unit K10, used to drive the my four pieces 18 inch T&T subwoofers, double magnet and double spider.

have you heard those T&T drivers?

is the H3000 still available?

thank you for the help

audiomachines 15th September 2006 12:08 AM

2 Attachment(s)
hello jay-r,

I guess your into pro-audio biz too huh:D , Yes I own those amplifiers.
Konzert K10 is a low bias class B amplifier while the H3000 is a class H type. The H3000 is not available in the market anymore they are replace with the new Konzert V12 I think it is a repackage H3000 amp modules. Same ckt, new amp chassis. Yes I know those T&T speakers. they are distributed by SPL Trading in Binondo Manila. I think they are much better than the Crown 1860. Yesterday I busted eight 1860's on a Subzero Wbin with the H3000, they are really powerful amplifiers. I prefer using the H3000 on the bass bins and the K10 on the mids. Hope this helps.

Best regards,

rolandong 15th September 2006 02:05 AM

hi fellow pinoys,

Also have a pair of konzert 12" ~300W in the garage bought some time ago for dipole subs but now junked.

As hands-on to prof.Leach book Introduction to Electroacoustic, i'd like to construct my first diy vented bass reflex.
Problem is how to obtain TS parameters for these drivers.

I've read from Rod Elliot's ESP site about obtaining these.
I know its easy but I was just wondering if anyone knows where to find these TS parameters maybe a website or have done these before.


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