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dj_jojo_md 15th July 2010 01:20 AM

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this is a bandpass for a 12" P-Audio...if you like to take the risk to build and try your own driver, it's up to you...i always build this for people who own a home theater with a limited space using a Targa 120xi driver...its amazing!.

But, you have to have a 100hz low pass crossover and a dedicated power amp for this...or you can build this P48 Sub-Woofer Controller (Rev-A) and this 300/500W Subwoofer Power Amplifier

have fun

Junm 15th July 2010 05:51 AM

Hi jo, thank you for the design. I will use my 300w power amp with a subdriver for this but my driver is pioneer 30-720f 80w woofer and not a subwoofer. will it be capable of delivering sub frequencies? the specs of the woofer is unknown and i cant find it anywhere since it was on original CS801 speaker system. I just had it repaired but the original coil is retained.

I have 12" Konzert subwoofer rated 300W but already in a box and currently used for 2 way system. Do i need to swap it?

If you have a design for a 2 way system with a deep bass I might as well give it a try.

more power.....

rhodrich 16th July 2010 10:14 AM

sir jojo

have you try buiding wlx speaker box by martin.? how it sound?

dj_jojo_md 16th July 2010 10:33 AM


just tested 1 pair...sound decent and track packing friendly because of the smaller footprint...

after testing i knocked it down again... i am planing to use this wlx for indoor installations i just want to heAR the response using locally available driver.


leinad61 16th July 2010 11:29 AM

@ jojo,
Sir May I Ask If You Have Built An Mt122 Mid Top Whit Locally Available 12inch. speaker.

dj_jojo_md 16th July 2010 12:54 PM


yes Sir, but its been a long time. we've use JH126 from Crown (Local) and the Hi driver horn cut-off freq at 750hz also from Crown. Sound good after curing the hollow portion of the horn with polyurethane foam...overtones are gone...a little eq tweaks to flatten things out.

have a nice day

leinad61 17th July 2010 01:27 AM


From Your Experience What Would You Reccomend, For A Long Throw Mid Top.

busta 17th July 2010 05:35 AM

helo,need help for my wbin,whats the best driver for this jh 181 or 1860?? tnx sir GOD BLESS!!!!

dj_jojo_md 17th July 2010 05:53 AM


i cant recommend any, because everybody has its own choice...but i can tell you this base on my understanding...the so called long throw is the SPL of the speaker system...
the more stack of speaker boxes will give you additional SPL...say 3db per box. in a line array system the more stack the more beaming(directional) can be achieve...but there are trade-offs and compromises...there will be some constructive and destructive interferences.

For me i use horn loaded speaker boxes like the MT122 for example...they are efficient. But, they are not easy to use...i need a lot of tools to get them flat (DIY World).

what ever you build, understand their advantages and disadvantages...its like " use the right kind of tool for the right kind of job"... and DONT GIVE A HOOT ON WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SAY...if you really think your system sound good enough and deliver what your client asked...then your just fine.

so...correct me if I'm wrong.

have a nice day,

amants 19th July 2010 11:45 PM


Originally Posted by busta (
helo,need help for my wbin,whats the best driver for this jh 181 or 1860?? tnx sir GOD BLESS!!!!

heres the link of crown speakers theres a lot of good crown speaker brands Crown - The Professional Choice for me i'll go for Jh series esp.the jh 186,,,

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